Write unlike signs on the PC: How To

While text Fanantiker, poet and Laber bags find all the symbols on the keyboard with the keys available, they need frequent computer, mathematician and transposed digits are in a fix at first glance. Although only the most important operators such as +, find -, *, and = on the keyboard again, nevertheless, important mathematical symbols hide behind shortcuts and key combinations. This includes the not-equal sign.

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who that Write unequal character with the keyboard wants, needs to reach into the bag of tricks. When unequal character is the famous = icon with a line through the center. Anyone who wants to use the not-equal sign only once, it can copy and paste this in his document: ≠

How can you write the unequal characters with the keyboard?

Will you sign the unequal character, initially typed the digits 2260 and then presses the same time "Alt" + "C". The numbers should now be converted to the inequality symbol. Unlike other special characters you can the inequality symbol in this way only paste in a text editing program such as Word. In the Facebook window about the unequal character can not insert using shortcut, but like any other icon can also be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the Facebook MESSAGES.

Write unequal-sign-keyboard-Can not you write with the keyboard, the not-equal sign, it simply copied from the character table

So you find the unequal character in the character table

Does the key combination with the above figures do not and the unequal character will not appear on the screen it, it can also insert the character list. In Word you choose the "Insert" menu "icon" section. The non-equal symbol is found under the "Mathematical Operators" again. If you want Word not open specially or have not installed the word processing program from Microsoft Office, you can also find in the character table, the not-equal sign. Opens to the Windows Run function and give there a "charmap" (without quotes). Here you get an overview of all available characters of installed fonts. Examines the unequal icon out and copy it. Learn with us also, as a vertical stroke and the Peace could write characters.

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