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If you have problems with the SM Bus Controller should have, then you will help here. We tell you what ever makes this controller in a PC and how to find the appropriate driver and installed later.

SM Bus Controller: Driver and install

SM Bus Controller: What's this all about? How do I find the appropriate driver?

The SM Bus controller &# 8220; controlled&# 8221; SMBus (SMBus or SMB also called). This term is an abbreviation for System Management Bus. The bus is used to organize certain elements in the PC that does not consume a lot of bandwidth and often have to do with the power supply: internal Batteries, temperature sensors and the like.

Also PCI cards may be connected to the data line. So it is always advisable to solve problems with the SM Bus Controller, since the PC might not otherwise function properly.

Right-click on the computer icon opens the System dialog from which this one has access to the Device Manager.Right-click on the computer icon opens the System dialog from which this one has access to the Device Manager. (Click. To enlarge)Start Photogallery(10 images)Which motherboard I have? find out the motherboard!

SM Bus Controller: To find and install their missing drivers

sm-bux-conttrollerIf the SM Bus Controller in Device Manager or hardware wizards with a yellow question mark should be marked, then you lack the appropriate driver for this bus. In the Device Manager can be reached as follows:

  • Right click on My Computer / Computer -> Characteristics -> Device Manager (in the left column).
  • Click once on the right Computer icon on the desktop.
  • In the following menu click Properties.
  • If you no computer icon have on your desktop, you can do this with our tutorial easily change: add desktop icons: How it works&# 8217; s Windows 7 and Windows 8th
  • In fact, if you have problems, the entry is found under System Devices. But do not worry, you can easily re-install the drivers.

reinstall drivers &# 8211; That's how it's done

  • Normally, when a PC is always a CD with motherboard drivers there. On this there are also the driver for the SM Bus Controller. Just install to eliminate the problem.
  • The main board or motherboard is the Computer motherboard, are connected to the hard drives, CPU graphics card and other components.
  • Has you do not have no driver CD or delayed, and you also know what motherboard has it, you should take a view our article: Which motherboard I have? So you find out!
  • Do you know the make and model of the motherboard, then surfs on its website, invites you to the corresponding chipset drivers down and installs it.

Now the SM Bus Controller should be properly recognized.

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