WhatsApp: Change the name in contacts and groups

With WhatsApp it is not only easy to change one's own name or any group, you can modify the names of all WhatsApp contacts. We show you below the practical guide on how you can edit your nickname and your friends.

Per WhatsApp chat with friends and family, send files or phone calls: the messenger is always equipped with new functions. We tell you here's how you can change your own WhatsApp name and your chat partner. The app also provides the ability to name and images of WhatsApp groups to edit. How this works and if you can figure out their foreign WhatsApp names that you read below.

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WhatsApp: Change Name - so you edited your account

It's easy at the WhatsApp own name and the Profile picture to change. Simply follow the following steps to edit your Android and iPhone WhatsApp names:

Android and iOS:

    1. Opens WhatsApp.
    2. Opens the settings.
    3. Click on Profile.
    4. Now click on the pen right next to the name Android (Android) or directly on your profile names (iOS) to adjust this.
    5. Click on the pin in the profile picture to this suit.


Changing the names of WhatsApp contacts

In the app itself, there is no setting to change the WhatsApp nickname of a contact. This always corresponds to the name that the contact itself has or you gave a contact in your address book. With a little trick but you can change this:

  1. Goes into the Contacts app on your smartphone.
  2. Deletes the contact whose name want to change it, first from the address book, but provides previously sure that you still have an actual conversation with the Konktakt in WhatsApp.
  3. Opens her now WhatsApp is displayed as the name of the contact's phone number.
  4. Opens the chat.
  5. now add click menu, and then click Contact.
  6. Selects that you want to add a new contact.
  7. Give the address book is now a name of your choice.Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-27-01

Normally, the contact should now have the name.

If you still have no conversation with the contact, but only the number, this can be simply stored in their address book, enter the desired name and then WhatsApp open. The contact should now be available with the desired name in WhatsApp.

Change names and pictures of WhatsApp groups

Group names can be changed in WhatsApp almost more easily than their own profile name. Again, there are again differences between Android and iOS.

Android and iOS:

  1. Opens WhatsApp.
  2. Opens the corresponding group.
  3. Now click on the WhatsApp group name at the top.
  4. Now you can change the name by clicking on the pin (right).
  5. If you click on the image of the group, you can also edit this afterwards.


see WhatsApp names: Can you find out the name?

Were you receive mail from an unfamiliar number and want to find out now the WhatsApp name? Unfortunately, there is no way to see the unknown WhatsApp name. WhatsApp synchronizes contacts from your address book. Did you contact there not, the Messenger displays the phone number.

The name that your unknown contact has commissioned WhatsApp itself, is emerging as a rule only in group chats. Also see your contacts your self-given name in WhatsApp only in group chats if they did not save you as a contact in the phone. In this case, your WhatsApp name stands for your messages in the group right of the phone number.


Hide WhatsApp name

Do you want to hide their own WhatsApp name, you can only use a smiley or a punctuation mark. The field can not be empty. As you change your name in WhatsApp, we have described above. Will you, however, hide contacts from chats, you can delete the chat or archive. How can you "last online" hide your WhatsApp online status, we tell you elsewhere.

WhatsApp: the best name for the profile and WhatsApp group

Here are just a few examples of funny WhatsApp group names that have occurred to us:

  • Hans G. Laber
  • Frank N. Stein
  • Karl Auer (höhö)
  • Elli Fant
  • Cheers

Okay, terribly creative names are not. Can you think of a better one?

More help for WhatsApp

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