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Will Kill Bill 3 still see the light of day? Over 11 years have passed since that Uma Thurman slaughtered as a bride on a bloody vendetta through world history. Since then, there have been from time to time rumors that a sequel was planned. What about in 2017 from it?

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Quentin Tarantino is still one of the hottest directors, a new project by him to be actually getting attention a reason. There are now in the work of the master but also numerous fan favorites, one of which movie fans wish for a sequel for years. Topping the list stands Kill Bill 3, the continuation of the story of Beatrix Kiddo and a quest for vengeance against the assassins Bill.

Kill Bill 3 Uma Thurman

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Kill Bill 3: Is a sequel likely?

First arises the question: Is a continuation of the Kill Bill saga at all likely? Finally, the story is actually concluded with the end of the second part. The Bride (Uma Thurman) has done all the enemies on their list and also her former lover and mentor Bill and is reunited with her long-lost daughter. . At the end of Kill Bill Vol 2 also states that because: &# 8220; The lioness has found her young again. In the jungle, calm returned one.&# 8221;

Yet there was in recent years have been rumors and hints that a third part of Kill Bill was planned or would appear at some point. In this case, Quentin Tarantino was involved in the speculation &# 8211; the director had the possibility of a sequel, at least theoretically open. In an interview with the magazine Variety said Tarantino end of 2015, for example, that Kill Bill 3 was definitely not off the table. &# 8220; I do not want to commit myself, but it would not surprise me that the bride enters again in evidence &# 8211; I've already talked to Uma. I could use a few things to that did not make it into the first two parts.&# 8221;

Kill Bill House of Blue LeavesA sequel to Kill Bill has not yet been decided, but could be (eventually) reality.

Kill Bill sequel: That says Tarantino

In the same interview, Tarantino Kill Bill named one of his most visionary films: Unlike other Hollywood productions, the plot is known to split into two movies &# 8211; the first part comprises predominantly action-heavy scenes while Part 2 illuminates the background of the individual characters and Beatrix Kiddo. For Uma Thurman was not the first time that they stood for Quentin Tarantino on camera &# 8211; already in the nineties she had shot with his cult film Pulp Fiction, a total of cooperation between the two seems to work well.

This is precisely one reason that Tarantino could still be a further part of Kill Bill. In a video interview with What The Flick the director in 2015 revealed: &# 8220; There is definitely the possibility, although I would not necessarily call it likely. And for a very special reason: Uma and I had a super time when we would work together again.&# 8221; Confirmation that Kill Bill is actually rotated 3, which is of course not &# 8211; compared to films like The Matrix 4 but there are at least some reason for fans to still have hope.

Kill Bill 3 David CarradineIf there is a third part of Kill Bill, David Carradine will definitely not occur in it: The US actor died in 2009.

How could the act of Kill Bill look like three?

This leads to the next question: How could the Story of Kill Bill 3 look? After all, Beatrix Kiddo Bill turns off with the five-point pressur Heart Burst technology at the end of Vol. 2. This part of the story is so definitely over. On the web to circulate several theories:

  • Sofie Fatale gets all of its assets after his death Bills. She pulls Nikki (the small daughter of Kiddos first goal), which in turn should carry out their revenge on the bride.
  • The action would thus play 10 years after the end of Part. 2
  • This is also a quote from Tarantino suggests, who said in the interview linked above: I have had to go through a lot of the character of Beatrix Kiddo and I wanted her treat this time of peace.&# 8221;
  • It is also questionable what happened to the assassin Elle Driver. The bride tore though in Kill Bill 2 an eye out and let them back in the truck with the poisonous snake. However, it was deliberately left open, what happened next.

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So, enough material for a possible third part is definitely there even though it is not clear at the moment, when (and if) Kill Bill 3 will ever see the light of day. Once we have new information, we will inform you as soon as possible at this point. Lest by then what we have to information about other possible sequels:

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