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In Netflix a PIN is required, the you have to enter it each time you want to watch a movie with the age limit Rated 18th In this article we will show you how to set up the Netflix PIN. We also clarify a question that employing many Netflix users: Can you deactivate the PIN Netflix?

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Netflix PIN for watching restricted content

The Netflix-PIN is a special security feature that is only available in Germany. Every time you want to watch a movie on Netflix, which is equipped with the FSK-18 restriction, you must enter a four-digit code.

  • The PIN only numbers and no letters can be entered.
  • You can also set up for content without FSK-18 Restriction PIN in the settings.
  • In the settings you can change at any time or update the PIN.

Please subscribe to Netflix, you have the PIN already specify during the registration process. but if necessary they can change later. In addition, you can also enter a new PIN if ye should forget about them. Lest us also how high the Netflix currently costs actually are.

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set up, modify and update Netflix PIN

When you first sign up for Netflix you have to directly enter the PIN for viewing restricted content. If you want to change it later, that runs over your account settings. so goes&# 8217; s:

Netflix PINThe Netflix-pin is required every time you want to see a movie with FSK-18 restriction.
  1. Click on the Netflix website on your profile and the option selected right up there from your account.
  2. then selects the item Parental Control for the menu item membership and billing.
  3. then give the password for your Netflix account, and then click Next.
  4. Then you can enter your new Netflix PIN.
  5. When you're done, it confirms the changes at the end with Save.
Netflix RatingIf necessary, you can PIN but also for films under 18 set.

If necessary, you can also specify an individual Certificate level in this menu. Selects her as the option teenagers, the user must enter the Netflix PIN each time he is a title with the release &# 8220; From 16 years&# 8221; want to watch. With the option Small children of Netflix PIN is at each Video requires.

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Netflix disable PIN &# 8211; Is that possible?

Currently, it is unfortunately impossible to disable the PIN Netflix complete because Netflix wants to prevent the PIN entry that minors watch movies that are not meant for them. one can argue about the pros and cons of this measure &# 8211; the PIN can not be shut down but definitely. If you still do not want you memorize yet another login password yet, you can in the PIN simply a combination of numbers as &8220; 0000&# 8243; Enter or your birth year. That you may bypass the PIN although not directly, after all, you've got to notice any extra digits code though.

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