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look Sat1 streaming LIVE on the Internet? This is the latest since the release of six new apps ProSiebenSat.1 no longer a problem. Since you can free, legal and live also turn online Sat.1. All about this and other alternatives can be found here. 

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Previously, it was somewhat cumbersome to use the live stream of Sat.1 and 7TV. First, the offer was sometimes rudimentary, secondly a fee and will not be brought through the browser. These times have changed now. Without effort or cost you are in no time streaming LIVE Sat.1 &# 8211; as with the other favorites of the group: Sixx, Cable One, Pro7, Sat.1 Gold, Pro7 Maxx. It is hoped that the new channel Kabel Eins documentary is included in the program as soon as it was launched on 22 September.

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Sat.1 live stream free & : legal in the browser


  • To use the live stream from Sat.1, you first need to set you a 7Pass that you get through a simple registration.
  • Once you invite the link to the live stream of Sat.1 in the browser will be prompted her to register you.
  • Registering takes straightforward and fast. Give to your e-mail address, decide for a password, the data fills in the name, last name and date of birth and click on Registration.
  • Alternatively, you can register with a FB or Google account.
  • The check mark that you want to receive news, you do not mark &# 8211; the process goes on even without such consent.
  • Now have to open and send there on the link that you have sent to the service in order to confirm her your e-mail inbox.
  • From then you are unlocked and can watch from now any time at ProSieben, Sat.1, login Sat.1 Gold, Kabel Eins, ProSieben and Pro7 Maxx and watch the live stream Sat1.

Sat.1: live stream for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

The mobile version can you download you simply in the respective stores for iOS and Android. The six apps are free and include all the free live stream. Should you encounter some problems with the app, remains calm. She is still new to the market and will certainly still freed in the next few months of bugs. In most cases, but the live TV stream running perfectly.

ProSieben - Free Live TV and media centerdownloadQR codeProSieben - Free Live TV and media centerDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbHPrice: Free

7TV - Library, TV Live StreamdownloadQR code7TV - Library, TV Live StreamDeveloper: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH *Price: Free

pro7 live stream Login pro7 pass

Alternatives to the stream of Sat.1

There are several TV streaming provider. So if you do not want to rely on the direct solution of Sat.1, can the sender with vendors like Magine *Watch Sat.1 Live Stream free and legal online, Zattoo or TV Movie *Watch Sat.1 Live Stream free and legal online online stream. It's worth it in the circumstances but only if you want to see online even more channels than that of the transmitter group, because from these sellers a fee is payable monthly. Depending on supply and package chosen, this amount can vary, generally you get a free trial period to test the offer.

3127939magine TV

More information about Magine:

  • Magine: transmitter at a glance
  • Magine: Cost Overview

Why not just use Beautiful television?

Of course, there are also services like Beautiful television that are completely free. However, these are not legal and in the worst case, you are still a warning one. So let from such dodgy websites prefer the finger.

Thus, the user area of ​​Magine looks in the browser.Thus, the user area of ​​Magine looks in the browser.

What to do with missed shipment?

If you can not even watch the show because you are prevented, you can also simply contact the online video recorder Save.TV *. Whether the service is good for you, you can extract the best of our short test of the offer.

Even more stations in the live stream:

  • RTL Live Stream
  • Pro7 Livestream
  • Pro7 Maxx live stream
  • VIVA Live Stream

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