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save with Google Maps routes is not as easy as it sounds. Google has hidden very well the function, we show you how. Saved routes their calls from either the Android smartphone, iPhone, tablet or PC.

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Add Google Maps Route for Android and iOS

In order to store certain routes available from Google Maps for your Android phone or iPhone anytime you doing the following:

  1. Opens the Web page Google My Maps, get in touch if necessary with the Google Account
  2. Click on the welcome greeting on &# 8220;Create new map&# 8220;
  3. Above, you will find the route icon with the arrows, click on them
  4. To the left is a new &# 8220;Unnamed level&# 8221; opened with A and B as the route points
  5. Give there a departure and destination
  6. Top links in the navigation renames her your route, otherwise it is called &# 8220;Unnamed map&# 8220;

The following two points it your saved route retrieves either and- per Android smartphone tablet or PC. For iOS and Mac OS, the process should be similar.

Google My Maps her first creates a route.Google My Maps her first creates a route.Start Photogallery(12 images)11 tips to use Google Maps as a guide

Opening saved Google Maps route with Android smartphones or tablets

  1. Open the Google Maps app of your smartphone or tablet
  2. Opens the sidebar the app by their pushing on the settings icon with the three horizontal bars at the top left
  3. Chooses &# 8220;my locations&# 8221; out
  4. Under &# 8220;Saved locations&# 8221; will you now your saved route
    If you have assigned a name, it is &# 8220;Unnamed map&# 8220 ;, it selects from
The saved Google Maps routes can you recall any time soon in the Google Maps app.The saved Google Maps routes can you recall any time soon in the Google Maps app.

NoteEven if it includes Google Maps, the stored route will still appear in the sidebar and on the bottom of the route search. To hide the saved route, you have to include:

  1. Click of standing there on the display of the route at the bottom of Google Maps, if appropriate, &# 8220;CARD SHOW LEGEND&# 8220 ;.
  2. now selects &# 8220;CARD CLOSE&# 8221; out

Opening saved Google Maps Route on the PC or Mac

  1. Opens the website Google Maps
  2. Click on the search field top left, the last searches and work on
  3. Click below on the entry &# 8220; My Maps&# 8221;
  4. Google Maps now shows your stored routes from Google My Maps
  5. If you click on the saved route in Google Maps is called

By the way, you can save next routes and places. How to do you learn in the top video.

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