Sky receiver connect to the Internet: How it works and brings it

Do you want your pay TV subscription to Sky fully enjoy, you can connect the Sky receiver to the Internet. In this way, you get more ways to view broadcasts. Find out here how to de receiver connect to the Internet, what to beware of and what the connection to the Internet at all.

To connect the receiver to the network, you need the Sky + Receiver or the new Sky + -Pro-receiver .. This is available in all current Sky package offers. By connecting to the Internet without additional costs to the Sky subscription arise.

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Sky receiver with internet connect with cable or via Wi-Fi

Is the Sky receiver model connected to the Internet, can you have online access to numerous programs from your Sky package in the stream and bring that content on the TV screen. In addition to movies and complete series seasons are as such. As the highlight videos of the Bundesliga or Bundesliga Collection with highlights of the German football history available for retrieval. With the Sky entertainment package many Series seasons can in the "Sky Box Sets"Easily be accessed online, without having to rely on Times on TV. In addition, Sky Select content be ordered conveniently by remote control via the Internet. So you bring the HD receiver into the net;

  • At the receiver, a connection for is a conventional Ethernet cable.
  • This connector, the unit can z. For example, be connected to the router.
  • If the router is too far from the receiver, you can connect the receiver via detours to the Internet.
  • A DLAN the Internet signal z can. For example, be transferred from the router to the detour via an outlet to the receiver.
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to establish a wireless connection with the Sky receiver. This, however, an additional device, the Sky-Fi module is required.
  • This will get you a fee on the Sky hotline.
Sky receiver connect to the Internet: How it works and brings itThe WLAN module bring your Sky receiver wirelessly to the network.

So you can connect your Sky receiver with Internet

To verify that the Internet connection is successful, or to make adjustments, the service menu opens on Sky + Receiver via remote control.

  1. Expresses this, first the "Menu" button.
  2. Select "IP configuration".
  3. Here the option is "Test Connection".

If the connection fails, the network cable checked. In addition, you should make sure that the DHCP function is enabled on the router or installing is supported by the router. If you have further problems read on here: Sky Note 402 &# 8211; No Internet connection possible.

Sky receiver connect to the Internet: How it works and brings it

If the Internet connection is very slow, you can pre-load content to this trouble at a later date and to enjoy the TV smoothly:

  1. If the receiver is connected to the Internet, launching Sky-on-demand and presses "C" for the settings.
  2. Goes in search of the "streaming" method. Activated "PDL (Progressive Download").
  3. Returns to the main menu and returns to a desired video content on. After the start we the movie or the show in the cache stored.

Do you want to Sky View broadcasts without receiver and long subscription, is recommended instead of the conventional pay-TV subscriptions, Sky ticket. This comes in three different versions, which are aimed at sports, film or series fans.

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