Pro7 Fun receive pay-TV channels and in the stream amp; watch TV


As the name suggests, the pay-TV channel "ProSieben Fun" offers lots of sitcoms especially something for the funny bone, in the evening program, it must then also be something action-heavy. As received ihrPro7 Fun and Sun can see on TV or via live stream, we will tell you the following guide.

Pro7 Fun live stream via Magine TV*

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ProSieben Fun on TV

To receive Pro7 Fun on TV, you have to book to a pay-TV provider, the corresponding television package. Depending on the state, there are various providers over which can receive their ProSieben Fun. We have the various suppliers and the corresponding pay-TV package together for you here in a table:

providersPay-TV packageprice per monthavailable in
Telekom Germany*
  • Big TV (added bookable)
  • Film package (added booking Call)
  • 19,95 EUR + cost of EntertainTV
  • 6.95 euro + cost of EntertainTV
Throughout Germany
Vodafone / Cable Germany
  • HD Premium Cable
  • from 13,98 €
Throughout Germany
  • DigitalTV ALLSTARS
  • from 7,99 EUR
  • from 14,99 €
Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Family HD
  • 24,99 euro
North Rhine-Westphalia

Pro7 Fun via live stream

but you must not necessarily enter into a pay-TV subscription to watch ProSieben Fun. Alternatively, you can also receive streamed live on the transmitter. This works Germany far beyond the streaming provider Magine TV and Zattoo:

  • Magine *: In Magine Pro7 is Fun with eight other stations in the "Film & Series "package (2.99 € / month) or alternatively in" premium "package (11.99 euros / month) with over 70 other stations contain.
  • Zattoo: To stream on Zattoo Pro7 Fun, you need the "Plus" package (9.99 euros / month), which, however, only in combination with a "Premium" membership (9.99 euros / month) is booked.

Pro7 Fun receive pay-TV channels and in the stream amp; watch TV

Pro7 Fun at Sky?

since the 01. July 2016 the pay-TV channels are ProSiebenSat.1 Pay TV GmbH no longer with Sky Germany receivable. Specifically, this means that the channel ProSieben Fun, Sat.1 Emotions and kabel eins classics are not included in any package of pay-TV provider. Even if you have completed a subscription, where the channels were included, they are to receive from now no longer with Sky Germany.

Source: ProSiebenSat.1

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