I shit ‘at me: Layers of Fear is Mindfuck at the highest level!

Most magazines would recommend you for the cultivated horror in between Until Dawn, Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Resident Evil to play. Three top games, no question! We put you with Layers of Fear rather unusual title to the heart, which will challenge your hard horror inhibitions. I would have times ne package should better buy Pampers for my part.

I shit' mich an: Layers of Fear ist Mindfuck auf höchstem Niveau!10682Layers of Fear

P. T. is short for &# 8216; Picasso Terror&8217;

Now that's a gladly seen setting: An old mansion on a rainy night, full of paintings and painting accessories. In Layers of Fear ye namely taking the role of the madness ruined, mentally unstable painter who wants to create his life's work and it will stop at nothing. Even with his family, he does not stop: the deeper it penetrates into the interior of the house, the gradual unfolding of the murderous madness that has been brewing in your head.

But enough of the story. I'm just rather how I can describe to you on one side of this incredible beauty of the game and the attention to detail, while I clearly do the same breath, is fucked make such crass you the game in fear finished. All right, let's go&# 8217; s on.

Art in games has rarely been so beautiful as at Layers of FearArt in games has rarely been so beautiful as at Layers of Fear

 &# 8230; but is it art?

You must not be an art historian to appreciate both Layers of Fear as an art, and the art in Layers of Fear. This game is already thought out in its Early Access, or preview phase so that one hardly dares imagine the final result. Would Layers of Fear, a film, I would praise him for the excellent facilities. But the horror goodness is Layers of Fear, a game in which ye can not be sure whether you are the ones who play it, or those who played with them.

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The mental breakdown of the main character is reflected namely outstanding way in the gameplay again. A wall is not necessarily a wall, images are convertible, the house around you is changing. No door that it passes through, leads go back where you came from. Every step you go, every move that her performs with the mouse, you can suddenly the next turn (and especially the next terror) suspend.

Since you will sometimes have no time, numerous artworks by Rembrandt, Fuseli and Co. to admire &# 8211; although it would be worth it!

Layers of Fear

You will have fear. Promised.

I was at Slender: The Eight Pages scares often. And Amnesia: The Dark Descent tidy creeps. If the dog jumps into the third edition of Resident Evil through the window, I cringe still together still. And when I think of a noisy radio in Silent Hill, the little Alma on top of the ladder at F.E.A.R. Lisa or at the end of the corridor at P.T. guess I wish I would have to diapers.

But all that degenerates into afternoon program when I think about my game experience Layers of Fear.

HolyguacamoleHimmelArschundZwirnScheißdieWandanWhattheFuck &# 8211; it has no idea what awaits you here!

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Yes, there are few to jump Scares. I will not deny it. But before now leaped all jump scare opponents with a loud noise behind their bushes and I give a talk about how cheap yet Jump Scares are: Calm down. Jump Scares are perfectly fine. And that is when they are used cleverly, the voltage is set up well by then, and is played with expectations or even the non-expectations of the player.

And believe me: With Layers of Fear, the sound design sneaks through your ears, grabs you by the balls and chases you a fright, whom you do not so easily forget. Here, the game cited his models in an unobtrusive yet unmistakable way. Who P. T. has played and is still pursuing it must, be prepared for some delicious tributes.

Exceptionally, scared bunny PewDiePie screams adjusted the soul from the body.

Lisa? Is that you? Have you made a mistake in the game?Kojima's heritage bears fruit

You have been warned&# 8230;

does not say that you told no one as well and at the same time horrible this game is. Who really wants to interactive horror once again, can not avoid Layers of Fear. The game is for Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 available.

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