Solution – PayPal: “We can not complete your purchase at the time”

The online payment service PayPal offers a very convenient and easy way to settle payments for online orders directly - when functioning. Recently, however, PayPal spits increases the error message: "We can not complete your purchase at the time" off.

As so often in digital life, there are different causes and therefore also different solutions to a problem. We have summarized you the best possible solutions for the problem here.

278673You should know about PayPal

Add credit card or deposit money

For security (fraud, identification, minors, etc.) PayPal requires a credit card as the payment method for some payments. It is also possible that the respective seller although PayPal accepted but not paid by direct debit, because the refund from the buyer under can be made here. In both cases, the message "We can purchase currently not complete" during the checkout process with PayPal up.

The easiest way is an alternative to load (if any) add in your "e-purse" or the amount by bank transfer (1-2 days) or with PayPal (a few seconds) to your PayPal account in this case a credit card.

Account information (again) confirm

The error message may also appear at PayPal, if you do Lasttschriftverfahren in your linked account not yet or is no longer being activated have. If you have your bank account linked to PayPal, but PayPal is not granted approval for direct debit, read following: Enable PayPal Debit - pay online by direct debit.

If you manage to complete the long ago, but more frequently the message "Sorry we can not complete your purchase" in the PayPal payment gets, it can also be that the other members SEPA mandates simply outdated are. In the event you need to re-authorize PayPal to debit. For this you simply goes as follows:

  1. Log you on with your PayPal account information.
  2. Click on the "E-trading" and then clicking the linked bank account.
  3. Now choose "Show debit agreement" to the link.
    PayPal Unfortunately we can not complete their purchases at present Show direct debit agreement
  4. Under the agreement, you will find the "Agreement Delete", click on it.
    PayPal Unfortunately we can not complete their shopping currently delete agreement
  5. PayPal asks if you really want to delete the direct debit agreement, then click on "Delete."
    PayPal Unfortunately we can not currently Delete their shopping to complete
  6. You will directed back to your bank account, click here now "Finish setup direct debit agreement" on.
    PayPal Unfortunately we can not currently their shopping Make a direct debit agreement facility
  7. You the current direct debit agreement appears, click below on the button "Accept".
    PayPal Unfortunately we can not complete their purchase currently accepting direct debiting

Now the SEPA mandate should be up to date and able to pay by direct debit through PayPal her again easily.

Browser device & Change password

Although problems persist, it may be with your browser or stored cookies. Try payment processing through PayPal with a different browser or device (smartphone app, laptop, etc.) from this reason.

You may also see an outdated password according to current safety standards by PayPal can prevent the payment is made and you instead just the message "We can not complete your purchase at the time" receive. In that case you should update your password.

281How to change your PayPal password

If all else fails and continue paying can not complete it because you constantly get an error message, the PayPal customer should take a look at your account and the problem.

Do you even have the message "We can purchase currently not complete" preserved and could help you one of the solutions? Or have you even another tip on how to bypass the annoying error message? Then let us know in the comments!


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