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In Windows 10 you can create your own tiles for the Start menu and call up links to Web pages, documents and other files with one click as a tile on the Start menu of Windows 10 in this manner. How to do this, we show you in this article.

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Tip: We pinned their settings to the Start menu, you can find out here: Windows 10: pin settings Start menu - manual.

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10 Windows: create tiles for all file types

One of the new features of Windows 10, the Start menu, in the can insert as tiles their links to specific file types. This you have fast access to the relevant files and must you not just looking through different folder or the desktop. By default, you can insert in the Start menu 10 both folders and programs in Windows. If you want, you also can use even without tiling the Start menu.

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However, if you attempt to attach a link to a single document or a Web page notes that this is not possible &# 8211; while this feature had just desirable to periodically calls certain web pages or documents and they are available with a click as a tile. With a little trick it is possible but to include links to individual documents or web pages as a tile on the Start menu of Windows 10th We show you how to do it. Windows 7 nostalgics out with us also, as you can use in Windows 10, the old Windows Start menu. 7

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create custom tiles and attach &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

If one repeatedly calls the same websites or individual documents uses (for example, a particular Excel spreadsheet) we can this possibly attach a tile to the Start menu so that they are available with a click. If you click on the file in question with law, missing from the menu, however, the option to start attach. To insert the file as a tile, you must therefore take a little detour: First you create a shortcut to the document, after which it adds this shortcut to the Start Menu folder of Windows 10 a, in the last step you attached to the tile.

Create Shortcut in Windows 10

Before you attaches the document or Web page file as a tile, you have your first link.

For documents


  1. Click the document by right-clicking on.
  2. option then selects Create Shortcut.

For web pages (using the example of Firefox)

website link

  1. Calls the appropriate web page on the browser.
  2. Click on the globe icon to the left of the address.
  3. Draws the icon while holding down the mouse button on the desktop.
  4. Tips for other browsers can be found here: Create a shortcut on the desktop - how it works.

Move document in the Start Menu folder

After you create the shortcut, you have to then move 10 into the Start Menu folder of Windows. By default, this folder is not visible, to access, making her the following:

  1. Opens Windows Explorer (Start Menu>Explorer)
  2. Click then click the View tab.
  3. Sets here, tick the hidden elements.

Paste link in the start menu

Now hidden folders are displayed and you can move the shortcut. Copied to the link and adds it in the following folder: C: \ Program Data \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs. Here, you will be asked for the administrator authority &# 8211; confirms by clicking Yes. As a last resort you have now only one tile to create.

Create and attach tile

After you've inserted into the hidden Start Menu folder the shortcut, it appears in the Start menu. Open the Start menu and click All Apps &# 8211; You can find the link here under the appropriate letter.

Start menu shortcut

Then you click on the link, right-click and select the option to start stapling from the context menu. voila &# 8211; the link appears as a tile on an empty space in the Start menu. In this way, you can assemble yourself your own Start menu and create tiles for any type of file and paste. Have fun trying!

Source: Microsoft, Screenshots

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