The incomprehensible 3: Is there a sequel?

2016 sequel seemed incomprehensible The 2 - in the original Now you see me the second time to ask, then, whether there will be a third part of the thriller. We explain in this article the question of how far is the production of the incomprehensible third What is the occupation? Isla Fischer in the third part again with this?

After the incomprehensible was a surprising success in 2013, a sequel was a logical consequence. The first part played nearly 352 million US dollars. The second could keep up well with revenues of 335 million dollars. However, the box office of the sequels put together unusual and that could affect the production of the incomprehensible third In what sense and extent, experience you in the next chapter.

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The incomprehensible 3 as a spin-off?

In the US, the second part was playing a merely 65 million US dollars. So financially seen more of a flop. What the continuation saved, revenue in China and South Korea are. The largest rest of the worldwide box office earnings of 335 million dollars came from the Far East. Therefore, there were early discussions about that another sequel will be shot only for the Far Eastern market - similar to Warcraft 2. It was whispered that it a Chinese spin-off will be, which will be released only in China and is therefore to be re-staffed with Chinese actors. but a start date or even trailer does not exist at the moment.

The incomprehensible 3: Is there a sequel?© Concorde

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What is the state of the production?

The incomprehensible 3: Is there a sequel?© Concorde

It nevertheless does not have to worry about that the rest of the world emanates virtually empty. The incomprehensible 3 and the Chinese spinoff not exclude each other. It works in parallel so even on a common sequel to The incomprehensible 2.

As Director acts again Jon M. Chu. For the script you could win Neil Widener and Gavin James.

Regarding the occupation there are at present only rumors: Also on board are Mark Ruffalo again, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine to be. Also it was said that Daniel Radcliff is to rejoin. Whether Lizzy Caplan again Isla Fischer represents is not known. Fischer had to sit out for the second part because of her pregnancy, unfortunately.

We'll keep you up to date but - with respect to the occupation and other information such as the theatrical release or a possible trailer.


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