Darude – Sandstorm: meaning and origin of the network phenomenon

The nineties have produced some "pearls" in music history. Numerous hits are now forgotten, some songs experience in the new millennium their second spring. One of these songs is "Sandstorm" by Darude. published in 1999, the song has developed in recent years to an Internet phenomenon. What's in a Meme hype about Darudes "Sandstorm"?

Darude's real name is Ville Virtanen and is a DJ from Finland. Sandstorm was released in late 1999 and is still just as "90" and hit the -years be called. In Germany, managed the trance song, after all, at No. 6 singles chart.

512What is "Darude - Sandstorm"?

Darude - Sandstorm: A trance song conquered Twitch and YouTube

Some 15 years after the release of the song celebrates a resurrection. Especially with YouTube to get in the comment sections barely past a mention of the title. This is behind the new popularity of the song:

  • In 2013, the song in various live streams at Twitch.tv could be heard as background music.
  • Spectators asked repeatedly in the comments after the title of the song.
  • This resulted in a running gag developed. Especially when YouTube was always "Sandstorm" given in response to the question about a song title in the video - regardless of whether the song was really to hear or not.
  • As the origin for the Darude-Meme Streamer "TheOddOne" is mentioned in several places. The song was thus played as background music during a live stream to "League of Legends".
  • Immediately after the Stream the video was posted to Reddit and harvested there thousands of upvotes.
  • Even before the song to the Internet phenomenon was, "Sandstorm" to light the fire in advance of sporting events or other events was played with many spectators.
  • In the gamer scene took Streamer the song long before the flare-up of the hype in 2013. For the first time YouTuber Game stream to the song in a video to: have run with a larger audience in 2007 "Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare."

Here you can view the song in the video:

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Darude - Sandstorm: memes and Internet phenomenon

The creators of YouTube itself have taken up the memes. Traditionally, we celebrate also in the house Google April 1, with various jokes. Who in 2015 sought the search bar for specific titles, always got the proposal "Did you: Darude - Sandstorm?". The Google search engine always provide a suggestion, if it is assumed that there was a clerical error in the entry. On April 1, 2015. invariably asked at every request for the Electro-classic.

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The new meme trend meant that the clicks more than doubled on the official video on YouTube within a year. have now nearly 60 million users "Sandstorm" belongs. In Twitch is understood meanwhile not quite so much fun. Again and again, users are locked by mods at Twitch once "Sandstorm" is given in response to the question about a song title.

Darude - Sandstorm: meaning and origin of the network phenomenon

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