Application: Millionaire – with these tricks you come into the program

Many sit every week in front of the television screen and follow scrupulously the questions and answers in WWM quiz with Günther Jauch on RTL and are thinking: Oh, I would have known everything. But even those who can shine with a broad knowledge does not come so easily to the chair that millionaires can make. Here you find out how you can watch Wer will apply millionaire and what you should beware of and remember.

Application: Millionaire - with these tricks you come into the program

Who wants to be with Günther Jauch guest must be not only a clever mind, but also patient, persistent and determined. The procedure of the application takes some time and even if you do everything right, you need also the right amount of luck.

Application: Millionaire &# 8211; so everything starts

  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply for you at WWM. Furthermore, it is a condition that you have never played to one million. So Anyone who has been in the studio but did not reach the chair to Jauch, must apply again. is another basic requirement is that you speak good German.
  • The most convenient way is to fill the application form online. It is levied per application a participation fee of one euro, which you can pay using PayPal, Paysafecard, ClickandBuy, debit / direct debit or by mobile phone to pay (without registration).

Application who is millionaire

  • It is expected that you upload a photo and fill out a questionnaire in which you give information about your hobbies, your profession and other circumstances.
  • After submitting your online application you will receive an email to confirm. The additional processing time is uncertain and depends on how many applications are received at the agency, but it can sometimes take weeks or months until someone reports with you and the further procedure begins.
  • If you will be contacted, you are two quizzes on the phone before and about 30 minutes long interview.
  • Do you have the successfully completed, you will be invited to the broadcast date to the studio and you have to prove you still in the fast Q & A session at the beginning, and then finally to land on the million-chair in front of Günther Jauch.

Application who is millionaire

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Application: Millionaire &# 8211; helpful tips

  1. The production company wants to entertain with the shipment. Knowledge is thus only half the battle on the way to the show, because your profile plays at least as great a role. Do you have a confident manner and spontaneous humor? Then trying to convey in your application.
  2. Originality is the key in your WWM application, because only then the decision makers pay attention to your application. So not only sends any application photo, but makes or chooses one that your charm and wit represents, you can appear interesting. Think about funny anecdotes from your life by, because after that you are asked in the interview. Do you have spectacular traveling behind you? An incredible love story? A horror holiday? No matter what it is &# 8211; shared with and tries to draw curiosity and attention to you.
  3. What you want to do with the money? be no boring answers to these questions &# 8211; Save, pay debts, buy house is uninteresting, so better told by your dream to open a dildo boutique on Helgoland.
  4. Practice makes perfect: If you really make it, you want to be so well prepared &# 8211; So neat study newspapers, encyclopedias and atlases and make every now and then in WWM training camp on the RTL website the brain fit on the Wii Millionaire *Application: Millionaire - with these tricks you come into the program gamble and best train in bus and subway with the WWM app on the smartphone.

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Also, you can benefit from that in the meantime some testimonials on the net are in place to optimally prepare you for your application and to set your expectations in relation to reality. Your application at Millionaire is one among many, some go up to 10,000 applications a day. If you are really fit in answering quiz questions, then just apply but also in other programs, even with regional channels that do not have this huge supply.

senior who will be millionaireFor smaller quiz shows it is easier for the course and you can both practice and pocket the profit.

Your opportunities for the application to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire will not be diminished if you have already occurred in other quiz shows. On the contrary, if you prove yourselves in a smaller show than entertaining, intelligent and original, the interest of the Millionaire producer is more likely to rise!

Helps perhaps in preparation: the situation in the Playmobil Studio readjust home:

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