Free Mail: The best free e-mail provider at a glance

Who nowadays still no e-mail address calls his own, probably still writes letters with ink and quill. Joking aside, could you you have not yet opt ​​for one of the many e-mail or free e-mail providers that lure out there with tons of offers, we can help you with this overview of the best freemails on the jumps.

Free Mail: The best free e-mail provider at a glance

Choosing the best email provider falls sometimes not easy. Do you want a lot of memory for your e-mails or sent her dear big data in the appendix? We tell you some free mail providers and show what they have to offer and what is missing. The choice is then with you.

Best free free e-mail providers: &# 8211; The test winner

mail-de-logoRelatively young in the German mail market, the provider is However, the company has excelled at times of Prism and NSA scandal and was able to convince both functionality and safety. No wonder then that was elected winner compared German e-mail services.

In you can on free e-mail addresses with the right-neutral domain "" access. Reports ye over the specified link to here, get you free your [email protected]. For this you get 12 GB Space (2 GB mail store 10 GB + Cloud) and can up to 60 MB send large files as attachments via email. The 10 GB in the cloud, including free email address gets her as GIGA-reader exclusively through stored here link. E-mail address Backup Now!*

  • Attachments: to 60 MB
  • space: 2 GB (+10 GB in the cloud for music, videos, media, etc.)

Who wants to get more out can also access the three paid offerings Plus mail, or Promail PowerMail. So that you gives you more storage, commercial-free mailboxes, sometimes free text messages and multiple e-mail addresses. All can you test a month free of charge All can you test a month free of charge nowStart Photogallery(5 pictures)The 5 best free e-mail programs

Best free free e-mail providers: AOL offers unlimited storage. Here you can receive as many emails as you want or until you lose track. Although to upload your AOL mail via IMAP Get Free, a POP3 collection service such as Outlook offers him, AOL has not.

E-mail attachments are to 16 MB limited, which is a good average. In addition to the mailbox AOL users can use even the messenger AIM, address book and the task scheduler. E-mail address Backup Now!*

  • Attachments: to 16 MB
  • space: unlimited


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