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Survival Evolved: The DLC Scorched Earth dragons moving into ARK hold. But even before the expansion you could see a dragon. In this article, but let's not talk about the final boss, but show you how to find the DLC Wyvern and tame can.

Already before the enlargement of ARK: Survival Evolved you could see a dragon. He is one of the Endbossen, that you can summon her. Do you need more tactics against the bosses, we have put together a useful guide for you elsewhere. You seek instead for tips on how you you a taming the dragon can, you are exactly right. We tell you how you once the For Wyvern and can breed then.

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ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved to know about dragons

The dragon on the maps Scorched Earth and Ragnarok is an exception to all other creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can to not easy to tame dragons. Rather, you need a dragon, You can find the example in Drachenschlucht. But before we tell you where can you find dragon, we want you More information of the Wyvern give that are first to come with Scorched Earth.

You have no Scorched Earth or Ragnarok installed? By mods can you still get you dragons on the PC:

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Wyvern be found exclusively in the extensions Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. Meet you such a dragon, you should the legs in your hand. They are namely very aggressive and immediately give chase. Assemble yourselves, therefore, in a trunk together and the creatures trying to kill together. Wyvern use up their strength by projectiles in her mouth. There are 4 different types of them:

  • Red Dragon: spit fire
  • Green Dragon: spray toxic acid
  • blue kite: use up electrical flashes
  • White Dragon: slow opponent for 10 seconds (only in Schneebiom on Ragnarok)

Belongs to you a dragon, you have to not even crafting a saddle or find. You can Wyvern namely without riding. In terms of size they are a little smaller as their closer relatives that can be invokes as raid bosses.

The Wyvern protect their nests very well and are fast aggressive if you steal you an egg.The Wyvern protect their nests very well and are fast aggressive if you steal you an egg.

Here you can find her dragon &# 8211; on Scorched Earth

So to tame a dragon now, you need a Wyvern egg first. This you will find in nests in the Drachenschlucht. Studied best in the west of the map. Here it is very hot and lava flows through the trench. We also encourage you a pterodactyl to go to the high-altitude kites nests.

Are you traveling alone, keep distance from the dragon and spy them out. there is no dragon is near, you should be quick and steal the egg. Think about even even a good run tactics. We recommend you, with multiple players to walk on egg hunt. Indeed, it is very dangerous.

This map shows you where to find the Dragon Gorge. (Source: map shows you where to find the Dragon Gorge. (Source:

Studied in the Niches for nests. You have very close up to them to identify eggs. Attention: Once you steal you an egg, all the surrounding dragons are alerted and will attack you immediately. For this reason, it has been proven that some players flying through the canyon and the local Wyvern attack. Then you should fly away and distract them, so to speak. Another player can then grab the egg.

there are the nests with eggs in such niches.there are the nests with eggs in such niches.

Blitzwyvern are very fast. To defy them, you should take a one Argentavis with a breeding rate of 200 percent. Hits you a dragon, you suffer 1500 damage. So worried you good equipment and learning to fly with the Argentavis. Beat the dragon hook to escape. Before a green dragon spitting venom, you hear a sound. The moment you should immediately fly to the left or right to avoid the toxic shock.

Another tip for single player: Grab a Argentavis and steals an egg. Trying to let you die somewhere where there is solid ground under you &# 8211; So not in the gorge, but best in the nearby desert. Builds you definitely a bed in your dwelling and spawn after death here. then flies back to the accident site and grab the egg. The Wyvern are turned off at this time already and spend their time in the desert again.

You have no chance against the dragon in the gorge? Then Levelt faster:

126538Ark Survival Evolved - Tips for quick levels

For ice dragon on Ragnarok

In Ragnarok you find the coveted eggs of the Ice Dragon, incidentally, approximately at the following coordinates:

  • 33.5 Lat Lon 68.8
  • 42.7 Lat Lon 55.2
  • 44.4 Lat Lon 58.9
  • 47.1 Lat Lon 51.7

Since the spawn points, and can switch, you should simply Search in Schneebiom. Dragons can be found also not only in snow, but also in the vicinity of the volcano. Here are many caves where you can find their nests and even dragons. Good luck with the claws of the eggs!

Examined in the blue region of dragon on Ragnarok.Examined in the blue region of dragon on Ragnarok.

let slip egg and breed dragons

Are you come to a nest and see an egg in front of you, you can give it. Here you will be shown what Level had the parents of the egg. Using these values, you can imagine about what level will then have your adult dragon. In addition, you should pay attention to the color of the ice:

  • red egg: fire Dragon
  • blue egg: lightning Dragon
  • green egg: poison Dragon
  • white egg: Ice Dragon
This egg is you, is that a fire dragon hatch from it and probably have a level of 36thThis egg is you, is that a fire dragon hatch from it and probably have a level of 36th

Will you now let slip a Wyvern egg, you need a high temperature, so it succeeds. So you build a lot air conditioning in a square and places the egg in the middle. Let's definitely a lot of space, because the dragon eggs are very large. At the right temperature, the egg takes about 5 hours, to slip by. Pay attention here that the egg-health does not go down. If so, it is too cold the egg. Unlike other dino eggs to health but only very slowly reduced. Can you build no air conditioning, even standing sufficient Torches or Standfakeln. but builds them a lot. Do you still have more questions for breeding in ARK: Survival Evolved? Then you look even necessarily linked our guide on this.

Until you get a dragon baby, the egg needs a lot of heat.Until you get a dragon baby, the egg needs a lot of heat.

get dragon milk and taming dragons: Duration and information

Is the baby dragon hatched, the worst part is: You have to dragon milk to get. Your baby wants no meat or vegetables, but only this milk. You give him a couple of bottles, your dragon is roughly 9 hours Duration tamed. In the following manner get her dragons milk:

  • Find and slay a Alpha-Dragons. You may know him by the red glow that surrounds him. Investigated this in the Dragon Gorge in western map of Scorched Earth. It emits dragon milk about 30 to 40 bottles.
  • Look for a female dragon. Do not kill the female, but paralyzes it, for example with tranquilizer darts. but they will take you less milk. Here of about 3 to 7 bottles.
Alpha Dragons are also in the dragon canyon and red.Alpha Dragons are also in the dragon canyon and red.

The Dragons milk spoils quickly if you simply carry in your inventory. About 8 minutes Me you to come to the baby dragon. In a Dino the shelf life is extended to approximately 30 minutes, while the milk in a Preserving Bin least 90 minutes remains durable. You may be able Do not refrigerate. Feeding her the little dragon with milk, you have to then still remote Use Item button. Do you need more information on the Wyvern breeding? Then you look even following video of at YouTuber Coya what we can highly recommend to you:

let Wyvern spawn with a Cheat

give their own female dragons that have been bred her, no milk from. So you have during the breeding always looking for new &Milk sources; # 8220&# 8221; Keeping an eye out. Do you want to help you a Wyvern them appear cheats, should enter their following cheats.

  • Normal: cheat spawnDino &Blueprint; # 8220&8217; /Game/ScorchedEarth/Dinos/Wyvern/Wyvern_Character_BP_Base.Wyvern_Character_BP_Base&8217;&# 8221; a b c d
  • poison: cheat spawnDino &Blueprint; # 8220&/Game/ScorchedEarth/Dinos/Wyvern/Wyvern_Character_BP_Poison.Wyvern_Character_BP_Poison 8217&8217;&# 8221; a b c d
  • Fire: cheat spawnDino &Blueprint; # 8220&8217; /Game/ScorchedEarth/Dinos/Wyvern/Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire.Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire&8217;&# 8221; a b c d
  • Lightning: cheat spawnDino &Blueprint; # 8220&8217; /Game/ScorchedEarth/Dinos/Wyvern/Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning.Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning&8217;&# 8221; a b c d
  • Ice cream: admin cheat SpawnDino &Blueprint; # 8220&8217; /Game/Mods/Ragnarok/Custom_Assets/Dinos/Wyvern/Ice_Wyvern/Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice.Ragnarok_Wyvern_Override_Ice&8217;&# 8221; a b c d

With these commands you can let spawn a dragon. just press the Tab, so that the console appears. Do you play on a server that can only the admin Enter this cheat. Instead of a, b, c and d give a their numbers. It means the following:

  • a: X-coordinate where the Dino of your position to spawn (height). If you the matter, give a first
  • b: Y coordinate where the Dino will spawn from your position (left or right of you). If you the matter, give a first
  • c: Z coordinate where the Dino will spawn from your position (before you). If you the matter, give a first
  • d: Level of the creature

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