Lovoo Icebreaker: What is it and you can disable it?

In the jungle of dating apps called Icebreaker function is offered for a while on Lovoo. But what is involved? And you can bypass the Lovoo-Icebreaker and clear? We'll tell it to you below.

also obtained in the Lovoo App women according to a statement from the vendor more messages than men. Also the quality of the messages to the or increase the chosen one / n, the Icebreaker was introduced. Lovoo made it into our top 5 dating Apps:

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Lovoo-Icebreaker function: What is it?

Lovoo Icebreaker are messages that you can post it or obtained without that you have matched you with each other.

How it&# 8217; s:

  • Stumbles her a / attractive / n n profile owner / in and not want to take the risk that you do not get a mutual match, you can click on the Message icon in profile tap.
  • Now you can a message of up to 250 characters post (more than one &Hi; # 8220&# 8221; should already be there).
  • Per day is normal users Icebreaker per day to disposal. You are a VIP member, can you three Icebreaker messages a day to ship. Each Icebreaker is to eight hours recharged and is you therefore only be available again.


The message recipient is informed on the top screen of his smartphone on the new Lovoo Icebreaker via push notification. Clicks he or she on Open, the message can be read.


With the large display of the Samsung Galaxy S8 you have a good overview of the dating profiles:

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disable Lovoo Icebreaker - is that possible?

Sorry, there are no simple solution to avoid a Lovoo-Icebreaker. but you can activate the Lovoo chat blocker, whereby ye determines who is allowed to write to you. Have you collected more negative experiences with Lovoo, learn it well with us, as you can delete your Lovoo account. On the YouTube channel of thechrislive you see how you can get around the limitation of a Icebreaker daily:

Lovoo Icebreaker for recipients

Here all information for recipients of unsolicited messages:

  • You always can only an icebreaker after another open. There is no possibility to skip Icebreaker messages.
  • Here you do not see how many of these News gives a total of you got, nor by whom the other were sent.
  • Clicking on the profile picture you also can the other photos see the user.
  • Tells her to a Icebreaker leads the not automatically to a match.
  • Rejects her Icebreaker from, you will be asked for a reason. This reached the author at a later date and anonymous, so that it can reconsider its approach and optimize them.


You have three reasons to choose how to convince you more: 1) Should more be my type. 2) With a more interesting message. 3) With more level. 

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