The beginning of spring 2016 today: Spring awakens to Google – GIGA

Spring is here! At least when it comes to the calendar&# 8230; On March 20, the annual calendrical and astronomical beginning of spring meets. Today, the Google search engine also shines in a new gloss. Google celebrates the beginning of spring 2016 with private Doodle, showing the familiar logo in the shape of a flowering tree and several stones.

The beginning of spring 2016 today: Spring awakens to Google

The incipient today Spring equinox or the equinox marks the day in the year when the bright day is as long as the night. The term equinox derives from the Latin terms &# 8220; aequus&# 8221; for equal and &# 8220; nox&# 8221; for at night. Equivalent to the day is the official beginning of spring. Even if the cloudy weather is not suggesting we should therefore again much more pleased natural light and less darkness us.

The beginning of spring 2016 today: Spring awakens to Google - GIGA

The beginning of spring 2106 and spring equinox: The day is as long as the night

The astronomical beginning of spring brings us more sun, more light and, ideally, then more heat. In recent years, Google has the beginning of spring taken on March 20 as an opportunity to visually aufzuhübschen the home page and also the beginning of winter last year, the familiar Google logo for 24 hours was changed. How Google appeared on December 21, you can read at the winter solstice in the corresponding item for Google Doodle.

fruehlingsdoodle-google-2012Thus, the Spring 2012 Doodle looked

While offering today's change to spring equinox unlike other doodles in Games form no interactive content, nonetheless invites today's Google logo you to smile, the individual letters are decorated in drab stones, the Google-L is presented in the form of an initially bare tree , Are you waiting for a few seconds, the tree starts to bloom. The previously bare stones are also perk up until the cloudy representatives sneeze caused by winter or allergic through the flowers right still weak&# 8230;

The individual components of nature case form the Google logo. Click her to the Doodle, you will, as usual, to the search results of Doodles, today for &# 8220;The beginning of spring 2016&# 8220 ;, forwarded.

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Spring Start: Google Doodle for the spring equinox

Twice a year the sun reaches the point of the equinox and brings us to an exactly 12 hours long daylight. the day will coincide with the exact same length of night and day through the leap year distribution on March 20, also in the coming years. At the time of the equinox, the sun is on the celestial equator, and thus perpendicular to the earth's equator. Is the northern hemisphere of the earth facing the sun, this is for our fields that spring begins. Until the summer solstice on 21 July 2016, the day in this country are getting longer bright and hopefully finally warmer.

beginning of spring 2016

fruehlingsanfang-google-tagundnachtToday the beginning of spring is meant astronomical. Meteorologically we are already Since March 1, in the spring. After determining the meteorological beginning of spring has nothing to do with the position of the sun or the earth, but was supported by the World Meteorological Organization, which the UN
heard set to this day. Every season are assigned to three months of the official spring are a thing of March, April and May. Significantly, this setting is particularly useful for generating statistics such. As for monthly mean values ​​and thinking lima comparison. thereafter the summer follows on June 1, the Herb beginning on September 1 and the meteorological winter beginning on 1 December.

The exact date for the vernal equinox, when the sun is exactly perpendicular above the equator on its way from south to north. This was the case today at exactly 5:30. For us this means the beginning of spring, in the southern hemisphere, however, the fall is initiated. In many countries, including Uzbekistan and Iran today Sunday is synonymous with the start of a new year. The autumnal equinox is the way place this year on 22 September, when the sun is directly over the equator. Today's doodle for vernal equinox is visible not only in Germany but also Polish, French and other Google users in Europe.


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