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Packing stations are a good thing for all involved: you can always pick up the packages, your packages do not end up at the strange neighbors and you must not in any branch longer the legs are in the belly. Even the postman must hope in fewer doors to be let in. In this guide we show you how to sign you for a packing station and they can set up.

Throughout Germany there are already over 2750 Packstations. If you do not currently lives in the no man's land, chances are therefore not bad that even near you a packing station is.

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Join packing station & Setup - This takes you

To sign up for a packing station it does not take much actually. Since the service free is also no other account data or the like needed. The following things do you need to use packet stations:

  • An e-mail address.
  • A mobile phone.
  • A fixed address with postal box.
  • A DHL customer card (get it later by mail or in-store).

Join packing station - Here's

To sign up for a packing station you must do the following:

  1. Join you on *Pack Station Register & amp; Setting - Here's.
  2. Give one of your e-mail address, a password and the captcha.
  3. Now you get to a page where you must enter your your personal data.
  4. Give one of your data, and selects a suitable for you security question. (Take if possible, a question that can be answered by any third parties.)
  5. then sets even a hook in I accept the general terms and conditions. The bonus program and the newsletter are voluntary and should not be selected.
    Join packing station
  6. To use the packing stations, you must activate at packing station nor your date of birth and your mobile number (they order you the transaction number can be sent to pick up the packages via SMS).
    Enable login packstation
  7. Pack Station login My dataIf you have entered all the data, you click on the gear (top right) next to your name and goes to my data.
  8. Here you will find a PDF document, which will need to download it and express to let you identify for the packing stations.
    Packing station sign PDF document
  9. Goes with the printed form and your identity card the next branch.
  10. After checking you get after a few days a debit card by post.


Now you can with your mobile and the debit card always pick up your packages from the packing station near you.

set packing station &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

If you have completed the application can, leave your packages sent to each packing station in Germany. On the home page of you can set your favorites, so you always have quick access to it's addressing information. Ideal for this is of course a packing station, which is possible near your home or on the way to work. How do you do that, we explain below:

  1. Packing station set up Mail FinderGo to the home page of *Pack Station Register & amp; Setting - Here's and logs you a with your data.
  2. Scroll down to the post page and give a your postcode
  3. Now click below &# 8220; What they want to find?&# 8221; on packing station.
  4. Now choose your favorite Pack station with a left click.
  5. The details of the packing station you click now on as favorite, so the packing station (top right) among the nearest packing stations or branches listed.
  6. Clicking on addressing packages you can now always quickly retrieve the complete address for your packages.


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