CSC technology: Is the store reputable? Review and information

CSC technology is a new online store, which currently appears prominently in the search results of Google, in particular for products from the technology sector. The most striking feature: The prices are suspiciously low and are far below those of competitors. Not least because many wonder consumers, whether it happens in CSC technology with the right things. Is the store reputable? We have investigated.

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Many users who shop on the net, simply googling for the desired product nowadays. For online stores, the good ranking on Google money's worth: Who shows up at the top in the search results, most potential buyers pulls up. For products from the tech segment emerged in recent times increasingly the provider CSC technology on: The shop advertises prices below those sometimes very significantly the competition. Many users are therefore suspicious and wondering if it happens here with the right things.

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CSC technology: Is the online store reputable?

Whether a supplier is reputable, not can be determined usually so simple. If something goes wrong with a purchase that can eventually also have technical reasons and does not have to necessarily be due to malicious behavior. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when the prices are remarkably low - and you also read mostly negative user experiences on the web.

At precisely such a case, it concerns with CSC technology. The shop is at users extremely bad away and is predominantly negative light. Well you can see that in the consumer portal trustpilot that measures Vetrauensw├╝rdigkeit of companies. CSC technology has on the side a total of 970 reviews, most of them with a star. Therefore, the Trust score is even at just 2.3 out of 10, resulting in the review "Terrible".

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The majority of the complaints focused on the same points:

  • Orders will not be delivered.
  • After payment in advance, is no confirmation of CSC technology.
  • Messages, requests and phone calls will not be answered.
  • In contradiction and cancel the contract the money is not paid back.

In this context, the bad word "fraud" falls over again. Many users also threaten with ads or want to turn the police. Whether it's technology actually dealing with scammers at CSC, is difficult to judge from the outside. If you want you out of trouble, you should probably but rather pay a few more euros and you find another store that has a better reputation.

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Who is technology behind CSC?

A look of the shop Imprint throws, shows that the company K.K. Gregor GmbH registered in Frankfurt and resides in an office complex in the Theodor-Heuss-Allee 112th Managing director is a certain "Mr. Keith Gregor Kn├╝ppel". The name sounds for us somehow a bit strange, but this is no reason on the seriousness of the company to doubt. An online customer support with chat, there is also - to our demand why the items are so cheap, but returned no answer.

Then once we started a domain check with the Registrar Denic. There you can see then that the name of the alleged owner is misspelled both in the corresponding entry, and in the e-mail address. The telephone number also leads to Kassel and not to Frankfurt. It is also interesting that Keith Gregor stick an e-mail address has deposited with the Russian provider Yandex. Perhaps an indication of who's really behind it?

CSC Technology Product ImageWhen shopping on the net should be approached cautiously. Image: Popartic

Beware of fake shops on the internet

Overall, we do not recommend a purchase CSC technology. The prices may be tempting - when you look at the inconsistencies and the many bad reviews, but remains a unguter aftertaste. Whether CSC technology is a fake shop, we can not answer conclusively at this point. Really serious but the store does not work. A seal of Trusted Shops for secure online stores do not exist either.

CSC technology GoogleThe coveted game console Nintendo switch can be bought at CSC technology as new for under 250 euros. Too good to be true?

Online stores, ripping off consumers, are a real problem in any case. Google also is there not entirely innocent, because you can easily buy a few hundred euros in the search results and reach a huge audience. That courts do sword to draw the dubious online retailers accountable Another problem is.

Main problem: Proof that bad faith or fraud is behind the delivery problems is very difficult to provide. Finally, you can always claim that a technical problem. Many operators also sit abroad and are difficult to grasp.

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In general, you should always consider the following points when buying on the Internet:

  • Comparing prices of provider with those of the competition.
  • Are they for no known reason (for example, used goods) much lower, you should be suspicious.
  • Lest you through getting ratings of other users - many negative reviews are a bad sign.
  • About Assigns no means money in advance, if you are unsure you.
  • If you have already transferred money and you suspect that it holds out to you on purpose, should threaten their legal consequences.
  • Many online scammers pay if you make just enough pressure and about turns a lawyer.

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