7 Windows: find themes and designs and install

You're just switched or uses long been Windows 7, but you have never ventured to the different designs and themes that meet your desktop with new life? We show you how to install Windows 7 designs and themes and as you can find it new.

7 Windows: find themes and designs and install
This article deals with finding of design and installation of themes for Windows. 7

Windows 7 comes with a whole range of themes that not only change your wallpaper, so the wallpaper, but also assign the design and the design of the windows, the system sounds and even the screen saver a unified theme. Designed with our tips and suggestions your desktop with Windows 7 Themes new and according to your wishes.

Tip: Thus, her other designs in Windows 10: Windows 10: Change Design - how it works.

Windows 7 Themes For

Windows 7 provides inherently from some basic and aero themes, with which you can already customize your desktop. But if you want more, you have to set you on a quest. We take you some work, and ask you shortly some good sites with free designs and themes for Windows 7 before.


1. Windows 7 Themes directly from Microsoft

Directly from the manufacturer Microsoft can be found next to the current Windows 8 Theme Packs also designs that are compatible with previous Windows 7. Here, a Windows finds guaranteed for everyone 7 design that comes from multiple images and a fixed window color.

2. Windows-7-Themes.com

Also a huge collection of themes and designs has the specialized website Windows-7-Themes.com. Here there are huge themes for almost all categories that you can wish for the PC monitor.

3. Ithinkdiff.com

From the sub Technology, Abstract, Space, cartoons, animals, games, cars and other you can click on ithinkdiff.com a Windows 7 theme choose which suits you. The designs offered for download here include both wallpapers for your desktop as well as the Aero theme for the windows.


On page 2 you will find a detailed guide on how you installed 7 Themes on Windows.


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