Overwatch: So you can play it soon

If you always wanted a taster, without any obligation to the Shooter Overwatch, you get very soon offered the chance.

The new heroine Moira is not the free weekend here.

7463presented Overwatch Heroine Moira

For as the developer Blizzard Entertainment has officially announced another free weekend will take place in a few days. The starting gun already falls on November 17, 2017 20:00 German time. Then you have several days time to test Overwatch paces. On the consoles an account with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold is necessary.

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The end of the event is currently scheduled for November 21 at 8:59 PM. During this time, you have access to all the maps and heroes of Overwatch &# 8211; Apart from the recently announced Moira. However, the game modes are on "Quick Search", "custom game" and limited "Arcade".

In the summer, there was this special skins in Overwatch.

Start Photogallery(20 images)Overwatch: Summer Games 2017 - can all skins that get their


An interesting feature of the free event is the way that you can take over all the progress achieved in the full version of Overwatch if you should then decide for the final purchase. This is also true for the results obtained during the event Statistics and Lootboxen.


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