LG G3: Open Hard Reset, Soft Reset and Safe Mode

Your niegelnagelnaeues LG G3 has an error and you are about to renounce you from LG and you zuzulegen a new smartphone? Do not act rashly now, because you can still advance easily perform a hard reset or a soft reset with your LG G3 or even go into safe mode.

LG G3: Open Hard Reset, Soft Reset and Safe Mode

So that the hard reset takes place at LG G3 without major complications, you should before the action necessarily the smartphone once have fully charged. Additionally removes the SIM and an inserted SD card. As a note before the hard reset, we want to warn you that all data stored on the phone memory when you reset to factory settings irretrievably (or at least under enormous effort) be deleted.

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LG G3: Performing a hard reset

Returns your Android phone not in the original condition, you have better or worse, bite the bullet and a hard reset (also: Factory Reset) perform. Do the following:

  1. the LG G3 turns off
  2. Presses and hold power and volume down pressed (on the back)
  3. the LG logo on the screen appears, you can release the keys, but must immediately power press and keep it pressed
  4. Shall the Factory Hard Reset screen, you can release the button again
  5. restates Power, to continue, or one of the Volume buttons, to cancel
  6. And again power confirming the factory reset
LG-G3-4The LG G3 are both the power button and the volume buttons on the back below the camera of the smartphone

LG G3: Soft Reset

Using the soft reset you can the LG G3 &# 8220; softly&# 8221; try to wake up. For this you just press the Power button for 10 seconds before the phone should boot again. An alternative is to remove the battery for a similar period of time.

LG G3: Safe Mode

Have you carelessly installed an app that your LG G3 brings to a halt, you can fix the on the Safe Mode again without the appropriate application affects the cell phone. To get into Safe Mode, the quasi &# 8220; Safe Mode Android&# 8221; to go, you go, do the following:

  1. Turns your LG G3 and restarts
  2. Does the LG logo, press and hold volume down (On the back) until you see the Home Screen
    1. Alternatively, you can even in the on state power hold until the menu opens. Here typed and you think Turn off key and typing OK. The home screen is then with the note &# 8220; Safe Mode&# 8221; opened in the lower left corner
  3. The home screen, tap on the Menu Button and settings > General > Apps
  4. Here you can now select one or more apps that want to uninstall it
  5. just type it on uninstall and the smartphone restarts

All third-party apps are now being reactivated. So if you have not deleted the app that caused a problem, repeat the process in safe mode until the troublemaker is eliminated.

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