WhatsApp pictures are not automatically save: Find it

About WhatsApp not only text messages, but also videos and pictures can be sent. Who wants to keep his gallery neat and want to prevent the photos clog the phone memory, can set that WhatsApp pictures are not automatically saved.

In the Defaults setting are photos from WhatsApp always stored on the smartphone, once they reach the chat. you chat in many groups or has friends who send funny pictures on the Messenger app regularly here can quickly arise disorder and burst the internal memory at the seams. WhatsApp downloads pictures down immediately, also a possibly limited, mobile data will be unnecessarily stressed.

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prevent automatic image downloads WhatsApp

So you can prevent WhatsApp images automatically stores:

  1. Opens the app.
  2. Calls on the three points right above the "settings" on.
  3. Selects the option "use of data".
  4. Here we find the section "Media Auto Download". Depending on the application, you can make the appropriate settings.


So you can specify abroad, what content should be automatically stored from the chat here for both the mobile data connection, a data connection in the WLAN as well as when roaming. The selection can be set separately for each data connection for each medium (photos, audio, video, documents).

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not automatically save WhatsApp images and save space

If you want to about viewing a photo, it must be selected manually to start the download. The content is not stored in the phone memory. If a picture or video still be saved, one must first the "Share" button on the bottom left trigger to select the store "Image / Video" option there.


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Even if a chat or a group has been muted, pictures or videos download automatically. Here you must first press the download arrow in the preview, to receive the photos or video.

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