The ICQ chat: simply explained

The ICQ chat is one, at least for very young people, one of the most popular applications worldwide. This is due to how easy the program is to use. Immediately after the ICQ download it concerned an ICQ number and away you go! But how does it work? How much does it cost? And what dangers lurk in the ICQ chat? All this let's beleichten anything at this point.

The ICQ chat: simply explained

ICQ chat &# 8211; the history

ICQ is a good example of a very successful initiative of young people. Four Israeli students founded in 1996 the company Mirabilis and its only product was the very first Internet messaging service called ICQ. ICQ sounds like &# 8220; I seek you&# 8221 ;, which &# 8220; I'm looking for you&# 8221; means. And it is this ability was &# 8211; Long before Facebook and Co &# 8211; one of the biggest highlights of this program. You could find friends in the global search function if they had registered with their name or their e-mail address, and then immediately start an ICQ chat with you.

The ICQ chat is still one of the most widely used Internet messaging servicesThe ICQ chat is still one of the most widely used Internet messaging services

Originally this project was to provide a job to the four young men, as they were all unemployed. What did they have actually created was them quickly clear and the credit for it pocketed two years later. In 1998, the American online company AOL bought the ICQ chat for an amount of 407 million (!) Dollars.

For AOL, however, the purchase was not a successful model. It had probably promised a great customer loyalty and good advertising revenue. AOL Time Warner announced in 2005 even announced that it had received a patent for instant messaging. But already in 2010 AOL came the ICQ chat already again &# 8211; a loss. The new owner had to pay only 187.5 million US dollars for it.

The new Russian owner, who has since been renamed, a Russian investment group that is among the largest in the Russian and Eastern European market. In addition to the ICQ chat, the company operates the largest Russian mail Portal and is among other things a considerable investment also involved Twitter, shares in the game maker Zynga and his fingers in Groupon.

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ICQ chat &# 8211; access

There are essentially three ways to participate in the ICQ chat. It is, for example, without additional software by calling a corresponding website for online ICQ chat in the browser. This is, inter alia, handy if you can not install programs on a PC or as is abroad and wants to keep using ICQ chat contact with his friends.

The ICQ chat is also in the browser possibleThe ICQ chat is also in the browser possible

Most will, however, run the ICQ chat with security over the ICQ program. The ICQ download there are for Windows, Linux and Mac. However, the latest Mac version dates back to 2002 and has since not been updated.

And finally, there are several applications or apps for various smartphones and Pocket PCs. So the ICQ chat on Android is just as available, such as on the iPhone or iPad.

The dangers of the ICQ chat

The ICQ chat is especially very common to find the software on the computers of young people. Besides the mere chat they especially like to use the opportunity to send each other photos or music tracks. Especially the latter usually represents an infringement of copyright and should be viewed critically by the parents.

But much greater dangers are based on viruses that reach over the ICQ chat the computer. Again and again, viruses and Trojans are discovered that are specifically tailored to the chat service. Alleged photos are distributed, which conceal actually executable programs. but since unfortunately the default setting in Windows is still the case that known file extensions are hidden, no one notices if the alleged image file is actually a screen saver that includes the sniffing software.

The tricks of virus writers are there very refined and the insecure version of ICQ concept they are still supported. Once the worm has arrived and been executed, it takes control. It sends unnoticed automatically to all contacts of the Messenger list and because the message indeed seems to come from a friend, it will also open &# 8211; and the circle continues.

Generally you should his children &# 8211; but also themselves &# 8211; inculcate not to confirm each contact request immediately. all crooks economies have formed, which fold down automatically Störprogrammen ICQ numbers to write each participant in the ICQ chat and cheer them along the way viruses. These will then ferret out bank details and other financial information in the background with which the gangsters make their money.

A threat of a different kind are pedophiles who use the anonymity of the ICQ chat to get down to children. Often enough, the children spread to all sorts of sites, such as SchülerVZ their ICQ number and these criminals fraudulently then the children's trust. They pretend to be peers, exchange photos and in some cases it was even for meetings and even sexual assault.

This is obviously not the fault of the ICQ chat. But parents should have to watch what the kids there actually install. And it can not hurt to go through time with the child together all the security settings and also to inculcate the children what they should look for and what is prohibited.

But then the ICQ chat provides a wonderful, free way to stay connected with his friends around the world in connection. Whether in the browser, the ICQ software or on a cell phone.


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