Pack Station Hotline: So you reach customer service (phone, e-mail, Facebook)

You are during the day not at home, you miss it usually when the DHL messenger will ring with a package for you at the door. Remedy a packing station here. Do you use the Packstation service DHL and you have questions about the current supply or the operation of the service, you can contact you at the packing station hotline.

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The customer brings you answers to all questions regarding the registration and use of the packing station as well as general advice on parcel shipping. As you reach the hotline of the packing station, learn it here. The packing station is a service of DHL, so Deutsche Post. Therefore, you can contact you with questions to customer service Deutsche Post and DHL contact the hotline. Those who receive a lot of packages can also provide a package box DHL to the front door.

The package box DHL*

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Pack Station Hotline: Telephone number for residential customers

Customer Service Hotline
0228 4333112

daily 7-20 pm, for Festnetztarif

There are a number of other hotlines Deutsche Post, in which her &# 8211; depending on the question &# 8211; also can call.

View the German Post hotlines

The hotline you can also contact you if there are problems with the removal of an item from the packing station. In rare cases, for hanging. As the system at the station, using the keyboard or writing to the card will not be recognized in such cases. A fault at the packing station before, you can call yourselves the hotline to report the error. In major incidents at the packing station, for. For example, by the necessary exchange of a component, you will receive a text message usually should wait for you a package. Here you learn then the new pick-up location for the package.

You have many ways to reach the customer service of Deutsche Post.You have many ways to reach the customer service of Deutsche Post.

Pack Station Hotline

  • To clarify general questions quickly, there is on the website of the Deutsche Post extensive information on all offers and services, including the packing station.
  • Uses the FAQ with search function in "My Customer" area.
  • Perhaps the answer to your question is already stored in the database and can you save her a call with optionally longer waiting times.

If you contact customer service you should have the following data:

  • First name Last Name
  • Street, house number
  • ZIP / City
  • Post number of the Gold Card

For questions about specific shipments following additional information on request shall indicate:

  • tracking number
  • broadcast content
  • return address
  • recipient address

Maybe you can save you a call to the customer service? How can you enter a packing station address or what to do if you have lost the packing station card, we have explained elsewhere for you. Fundamental questions about the function of packing station to be answered in the video.

168135DHL packing station Instructions

Alternative contact information to the packing station hotline

It can be reached through the contact customer service via e-mail. You can also contact via Facebook with the social media team of DHL package. It is open Monday to Friday from 7-20 pm and Saturday from 8-16 pm, for example, via private message to reach. Because of the many requests in this way but you should muster some patience until you get an answer.

  • DHL parcel on Facebook
  • DHL package to Twitter

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