Write lazy-: How to use Word, Excel, iPhone and Co.

If you write a document, it happens that one is dependent on special characters that can not be found again on the keyboard right away. The Euro sign is usually not shown on the keyboard and can be integrated with a hot key in a text. For characters such as the Equivalent mark or the copyright symbol, the search more difficult. Even the lazy-S can not be found right away on the keyboard.

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The infinity symbol is the figure eight. Who should try to expand the 8 button from his keyboard and cross-appeal again, will not have much success when entering the infinity sign. We show you, therefore, how can you bring to the screen the infinity symbol using a key combination in Word and Co. with the keyboard.

Write infinite characters in Word and Co. keyboard on the PC and create shortcut

  1. Do you want to use the lazy-in Word, select the menu bar "Insert" and then the "symbol".
  2. It should be possible to find also the infinity symbol again in the list of symbols.
  3. however, noted that the sign does not have to be included in each font.
  4. but in the most common Windows fonts Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri you find the sign without a long search.
infinity sign-keyboardSo you can paste it into a text the infinity symbol

Will you use the infinity symbol frequently using the keyboard, you should a Lazy-S shortcut set up. Click on this to the way described above in "Other symbols" and the corresponding character chooses. bottom left is now the "Shortcut key" feature where you can set up a keyboard shortcut for the infinity sign, but also for all other special characters listed place.

infinity sign-key combination-assignHas the infinity sign a keyboard shortcut for quick access toStart Photogallery(9 pictures)make invitation cards themselves: Free, online and using tools

Copy infinity sign and use it in Facebook etc.

If you want to use the infinity symbol in other applications, it simply copied out of the Word document and inserts it into the text box. So you can all special characters such. use as well as on Facebook or other messengers without having to look far for the shortcut.

By the way, for the initially mentioned Meets mark and copyright sign, but also the Thumbs Up icon we have at hand the relevant instructions. Also an overview of how you handle on the Mac special characters, we keep in our archives for you. Also learn from us, like a vertical bar and the peace sign is written in Word and Co..

Who needs the infinity sign only once, it can be inserted here and copying in his document: ∞

Infinity sign with smartphone and iPhone

Even with a mobile device you can of course write the corresponding character. However, the lazy-S is not in the keyboard for smartphones or iPhones. For this reason, you have to go a little detour to write the icon. Quickly and easily you get the icon by her copies the lazy-up and then to a desired location, for. B. WhatsApp or Facebook inserting via the clipboard the iPhone or Android device.

Alternatively, you can insert the character with an additional app. Installed for doing so. B. for Android &# 8220; Cool symbol&# 8221; or for iPhone &# 8220; iSymbols&# 8221 ;. In addition to the infinity sign the apps you bring many more icons on the screen.

The app was not found in the store.The app was not found in the store.

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