Pokémon sun and moon: For Evolution stones – all the localities at a glance

Since the first generation of their evolution stones utilized for the development of Pokémon such as Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Eevee. And in Pokémon sun & Moon they are necessary. Since the sixth generation, there is also the mega-stones to summon more powerful forms of Pokémon. We show you below the localities all evolution stones in the game.

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The diversity of evolution stones has increased with each generation and so you need to sun and moon now, for example Eissteine, to develop the Alola forms of Sandslash and Ninetales. But the usual fire stones, water stones or thunder stones can be found in the Alola region. With us you learn exactly where you have to find.

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For Evolution Stones: Pokémon sun and moon

In addition to the evolution of stones that you need to develop Pokémon, there are for example, the eternal stone, prevents that. Will you, then, that your Charmander not evolved into Charmeleon, you allows the eternal stone. In this way you can train Pokémon to level 100 in their first stage of development.

can as usual be found throughout the game world of Alola region Evolution stones. Have achieved in the act on which it made some progress, it turns many of the stones even to Buying in markets free. However, the stones cost a lot of money. So easy on the wallet and join on a search.

pokemon-sun-and-moon-evolution stones-localitiesAlso on the water so many hidden Evolution Stone can discover.

Locations of all the evolution stones

evolution Steinlocality
Wassersteinroute 8: Hold on to Route 8 south of the Pokémon Centers left until you come to a small lake (see the map). Gets PokéMobil Lapras cause and swims with him towards the west, where you can pick up from the base of the stone.
flintroute 9: Run the south in Diglett tunnel and turn right at the first intersection, turn left. Destroyed with Taurus the stones in the way and grab behind the flint.
Thunderstoneroute 8: Northeast of the Pokémon Center you can run up to a trailer, where you can also exchange fossils. The thunder stone is located behind the vehicle.
leaf stoneCan you in Mayla stones Laden Buy for 3000 Poké Dollars.
EissteinYou have to Lotter Villa south of Po&8217; and on the Ula-Ula Island. Bend at the entrance left, then go through the door. The Ice Stone located under the gazebo.
moonstoneroute 13: South on the Ula-Ula island you come to a motel. Runs from here to the southwest and take to the moon stone next to the pond.
SunstoneGoes to Glühberg east of Route 12. Crossed this and keep the output below the red car out for the Sunstone.
sparkling stoneSpeak with Bromley in his house in the east of Mele Mele. Then you meet him on the beach promenade again. Fighting against him and you get for winning the sparkling stone.
FinstersteinClimb to the Wilderness of Poni. Swims in the West with your Lapras over the water and lifts the Finsterstein from scratch.
GlowstoneFor this stone you have to Old path of Poni. Keep yourselves in front of the plate to the mountains to the left and walk south. You will then see the light stone after a few steps ahead of you.
oval stoneGoes to Ohana Farm north of Route 6 on the Akala Island. Examines with PokéMobil Bissbark the fenced hay bales south of Pokémon Hort. The oval stone is invisible and can only be discovered that way.
pokemon-sun-and-moon load-evolution stones-localities-Mayla-Who has enough Poké dollar, some of the stones can buy shop in Mayla.

Some of the listed in the table Evolution stones can you also Mayla stones Laden Buy what you in Konikoni City place. She has for you the flint, Wasserstein, thunder stone and leaf stone for ever 3000 Poké Dollars on offer. If we know more localities of evolution stones, we will complement this guide accordingly.

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