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In the crime series Columbo the small, inconspicuous Inspector Columbo solves a lot of murder cases. He often are deliberately obtuse to weigh the suspects in security, but is a sly old dog and noticed also trivialities, which then lead to the resolution of the case. We show you where you can see the TV series Columbo in the stream and on TV.

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In the series Columbo is about the same inspector of the Los Angeles Police Department, acting at first glance somewhat messy, cozy and obtuse. By his appearance and his behavior he often weighs suspects in security, then feel superior and try to lure the inspector on the wrong track. This has but usually from the beginning a sense of who committed the murder and is thus not bring calm.

Columbo comes the killer on the trail.Columbo comes the killer on the trail.

Usually spends per episode Columbo lot of time with the murderer involving him or her with the resolution of the case by asking about for his opinion to a logic gap. The answers the killer then often solidify Columbo's opinion that it must be the murderer. In addition, the inspector also has &# 8220; still a question&# 8221 ;, whereby the killers are often irritated.

Columbo view stream online - Here goes&# 8217; s

Columbo can you also see online. there are the first and second season of Columbo on Amazon in the stream *Columbo see online in Stream - Here goes's and in German. On iTunes, there is also Season 1 *Columbo see online in Stream - Here goes's and Season 2 *Columbo see online in Stream - Here goes's on offer.

see Columbo Season 2 on iTunes online*

Columbo is the murderer belonging to the nerves.Columbo is the murderer belonging to the nerves.

Columbo on TV

Also in the TV Columbo is still being sent, on the transmitter ZDFneo. With the TV-streaming service Magine you can watch for free, the crime series. The channels Magine streams everything you learn here: Magine: These stations are there - all channels and packages at a glance.

see Columbo free with Magine in the stream*

Alternatively, you can of course buy on DVD, the complete series Columbo. There are 10 squadrons that have appeared in nine relay boxes. The complete series there on Amazon *Columbo see online in Stream - Here goes's.

The complete series of Columbo can be bought on Amazon. Source: AmazonThe complete series of Columbo can be bought on Amazon. Source: Amazon

Buy the complete series on Amazon - Columbo*

Columbo episode guide

When Columbo runs on TV and television, you can read by the end of 2015 by the following episode guide:

Daydatetime of daytransmitterepisodetitle
di27.10.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo6:01Murder in the bistro
Wed.28.10.06: 50-08: 25ZDFneo3:08My Dead - Your Dead
Wed.28.10.12: 35-13: 45ZDFneo6:02Burglary murder
Wed.28.10.19: 00-20: 15ZDFneo6:02Burglary murder
do29.10.06: 55-08: 30ZDFneo4:03The Devil Corporal
do29.10.12: 35-13: 45ZDFneo6:03death Symphony
do29.10.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo6:03death Symphony
Fri.30.10.07: 00-08: 30ZDFneo4:02Snapshot for the ages
Fri.30.10.12: 35-13: 45ZDFneo7:01Age does not protect against killings
Fri.30.10.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo7:01Age does not protect against killings
Sat.31.10.17: 15-18: 45ZDFneo10:11No trace is safe
Mo11.2.06: 50-08: 25ZDFneo4:01Money, power and muscle
Mo11.2.12: 30-13: 45ZDFneo7:02Murder à la Carte
Mo11.2.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo7:02Murder à la Carte
di3.11.06: 55-08: 30ZDFneo3:07swan song
di3.11.12: 35-13: 45ZDFneo7:04Murder by Phone
di3.11.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo7:04Murder by Phone
Wed.4.11.06: 50-08: 25ZDFneo3:03Die for me
Wed.4.11.12: 30-13: 40ZDFneo2:03The Iceman Cometh
Wed.4.11.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo2:03The Iceman Cometh
do11.5.06: 45-08: 15ZDFneo3:02Wine is thicker than blood
do11.5.12: 25-13: 35ZDFneo2:02Flowers of Evil
do11.5.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo2:02Flowers of Evil
Fri.11.6.06: 50-08: 25ZDFneo2:04Age does not protect against stupidity
Fri.11.6.12: 30-13: 40ZDFneo2:06Two life by a thread
Fri.11.6.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo2:06Two life by a thread
Mo11.9.06: 50-08: 25ZDFneo2:01Etude in Black
Mo11.9.12: 30-13: 40ZDFneo2:07Chess the murderer
Mo11.9.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo2:07Chess the murderer
di10.11.06: 55-08: 25ZDFneo1:02Ransom for a Dead
di10.11.12: 30-13: 40ZDFneo3:01A touch of murder
di10.11.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo3:01A touch of murder
Wed.11.11.06: 50-08: 25ZDFneo1:01Prescription: Murder
Wed.11.11.12: 30-13: 40ZDFneo2:08double blow
Wed.11.11.19: 05-20: 15ZDFneo2:08double blow
do11.12.06: 25-07: 35ZDFneo5:04Blood Red Dust
do11.12.11: 40-13: 15ZDFneo1:01Prescription: Murder
do11.12.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo1:01Prescription: Murder
Fri.11.13.06: 45-07: 55ZDFneo6:01Murder in the bistro
Fri.11.13.12: 00-13: 30ZDFneo1:02Ransom for a Dead
Fri.11.13.18: 55-20: 15ZDFneo1:02Ransom for a Dead
Mo11.16.06: 25-07: 40ZDFneo6:02Burglary murder
Mo11.16.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo2:01Etude in Black
Mo11.16.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo2:01Etude in Black
di11.17.06: 25-07: 35ZDFneo6:03death Symphony
di11.17.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo2:04Age does not protect against stupidity
di11.17.18: 35-20: 05ZDFneo2:04Age does not protect against stupidity
Wed.11.18.06: 30-07: 40ZDFneo7:01Age does not protect against killings
Wed.11.18.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo3:02Wine is thicker than blood
Wed.11.18.18: 35-20: 05ZDFneo3:02Wine is thicker than blood
do11.19.06: 25-07: 40ZDFneo7:02Murder à la Carte
do11.19.11: 45-13: 15ZDFneo3:03Die for me
do11.19.18: 35-20: 05ZDFneo3:03Die for me
Fri.20.11.06: 25-07: 35ZDFneo7:04Murder by Phone
Fri.20.11.11: 40-13: 15ZDFneo3:07swan song
Fri.20.11.18: 35-20: 05ZDFneo3:07swan song
Mo11.23.06: 30-07: 40ZDFneo2:03The Iceman Cometh
Mo11.23.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo4:01Money, power and muscle
Mo11.23.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo4:01Money, power and muscle
di24.11.06: 30-07: 40ZDFneo2:02Flowers of Evil
di24.11.11: 50-13: 20ZDFneo4:02Snapshot for the ages
di24.11.18: 45-20: 15ZDFneo4:02Snapshot for the ages
Wed.25.11.06: 30-07: 40ZDFneo2:06Two life by a thread
Wed.25.11.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo4:03The Devil Corporal
Wed.25.11.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo4:03The Devil Corporal
do26.11.06: 25-07: 35ZDFneo2:07Chess the murderer
do26.11.11: 40-13: 15ZDFneo3:08My Dead - Your Dead
do26.11.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo3:08My Dead - Your Dead
Fri.27.11.06: 25-07: 35ZDFneo3:01A touch of murder
Fri.27.11.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo4:04Dreamboat of death
Fri.27.11.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo4:04Dreamboat of death
Mo30.11.06: 25-07: 35ZDFneo2:08double blow
Mo30.11.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo5:01deadly comeback
Mo30.11.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo5:01deadly comeback
di1.12.11: 15-12: 50ZDFneo1:01Prescription: Murder
di1.12.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo1:01Prescription: Murder
Wed.12.2.11: 45-13: 15ZDFneo1:02Ransom for a Dead
Wed.12.2.18: 45-20: 15ZDFneo1:02Ransom for a Dead
do12.3.11: 45-13: 20ZDFneo2:01Etude in Black
do12.3.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo2:01Etude in Black
Fri.4.12.11: 40-13: 15ZDFneo2:04Age does not protect against stupidity
Fri.4.12.18: 40-20: 15ZDFneo2:04Age does not protect against stupidity

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