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Aloy can in Horizon: slip on Zero Dawn different outfits, to protect themselves better against certain types of damage. The best defense in this case represents the Schildweberin outfit that you get only through a specific quest that you can easily miss it in the game. We show you how to get the Schildweberin outfit, finds the required energy for cells and also give you an overview of all other armor in the game.

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Outfits and armor are in Horizon: Zero Dawn vital and you should change it according to the situations. Fights her as against a machine that causes fire damage, can invest their specific outfits that are particularly resistant to fire. Here makes you the special Schildweberin outfit even for a short time invincible. Where did all these armor place, we want you not to deprive.

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Horizon &# 8211; Zero Dawn: Schildweberin outfit &# 8211; the best armor in the game

The Schildweberin outfit is the best armor in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Have you created it, you are immune to all physical damage or element attacks. Even falling damage is absorbed by the outfit. However, this is not endless. Do you get too much damage at once, the armor begins flashing red. In such a case, you must then go so long under cover until the flashing stops and then you can absorb damage again.

Such a mighty Armor can of course not easily find in the game and you need it a particular side quest start, For five power cells and solve two puzzles in a hidden bunker.

horizon-zero-dawn-old-weapons storageThe old armory is located in an underground ruin near the start area.

side quest &# 8220; Old arsenal&# 8221; Locations and the energy cells 5

The Schildweberin outfit is located in a old bunker near the start area. However, you have to use and solve two light number puzzles in the bunker five energy cells before her outfit can collect there. This is accompanied by the side quest &# 8220; Old arsenal&# 8221;, which starts as soon as you have found in the game world, the first energy cell.

Horizon - Zero DAWN tips that we would like to know before the game start

The five power cells are all on well-hidden places where you in the course of the main story passes. The last power cell gets her there until one of the last missions, so ye the Schildweberin outfit not can grab right at the start. The power cells be found in the following locations.

  1. Energy Cell: While the main mission &# 8220; The body of the mountain&# 8221; in mother's heart in an adjacent room. Should you the power cell have missed, you can at the end of the story out to come back here again.
  2. Energy Cell: While the main mission &Maker; # 8220&# 8217; s End&# 8221; in the same place in the northwest of the world map. It is located at the very top of the twelfth level.
  3. Energy Cell: While the main mission &# 8220; The Grave-Hoard&# 8221; in the same ruin in the northeast of the world map. On the third level behind a locked door that you have to open my puzzle.
  4. Energy Cell: While the main mission &# 8220; The Mountain did fur&# 8221; in the ruins &# 8220; Gaia Prime&# 8221; in the north of the world map. On the third level at the point where you've got to rappel, you can before hopping on a small ledge on the left where the energy cell is in the hidden purple colored area.
  5. Energy Cell: In the old ruins that you have explored at the beginning of the game with the young Aloy. Returns back here as adults and you can pry open a locked door with your spear, where you'll find the last energy cell.

All energy cells need not necessarily collect during missions you by the way. You can not return even after the conclusion of the story in each area. The energy cells are the way saved until reaching the next checkpoint. So you have to collect them again if you should die before. All localities of the power cells you see well again in the following video of the YouTube channel PowerPyx.

Ring solve puzzles in the old bunker

With all five power cells in tow, you can now return to the old bunker and first two of them at the first ring puzzle right use. The puzzle is quite simple: the right will you see a sequence of numbers from top to bottom, which you similar to a Clock pretending beside left the positions of the five switches. Do you need still help, we'll tell you below the solution left to right.

From left to right: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up

Now you can already in the Room with the Schildweberin outfit go, but need him on the opposite side leaving right back to the second riddle with the rings to solve. so sets the remaining three power cells and solves the puzzle as usual &# 8211; only to run out of positions of the Rings now over Angle degree information gets its left display. The solution reads.

From left to right: Right, Left, Up, Right, Left

Now you have done it and you can take the arms out of the room. Here, you finish the Quest &# 8220; Old arsenal&# 8221; and gets the Schildweberin outfit crate, her Open from inventory out need. Puts his arms then on, it also switches the trophy get Schildweberin outfit free.

horizon-zero-dawn-schildweberin outfitSuch is the Schildweberin outfit.

Horizon &# 8211; Zero Dawn: All outfits and armor at a glance

Since her Schildweberin outfit can get late in the game, you have to advance on other outfits dodge. These are well represented in the game and all of them are against by traders metal shards to buy. In addition, the dealer requires certain Raw materials or trophies of machines.

Armor should you never throw away or sell, because they all have different resistances have become better offer in certain situations and then you can change clothes her always. They also change the Appearance of Aloy, because the eye eventually plays with. The best outfits in Horizon: Zero Dawn have the quality level &# 8220; Very rare&# 8221; (purple). Ye can all Buy the merchants for Hunting supplies in Meridian.

horizon-zero-dawn-Carja-silkCarja silk (heavy)
  • 3x modification space
  • 770x metal shards
  • 1x Langbein Heart
horizon-zero-dawn-banuk-eisjägerinBanuk-Eisjägerin (heavy)
  • 2x modification space
  • 50 ice-resistant
  • 800x metal shards
  • 1x runner Heart
  • 20x metal vessel
horizon-zero-dawn-nora-survivingNora survivors (heavy)
  • 2x modification space
  • 15 fire-resistant
  • 15 ice-resistant
  • 15 shock-resistant
  • 15 corruption-protection
  • 900x metal shards
  • 2x Guardian Heart
  • 40x Lohe
horizon-zero-dawn-oseram-funkenfängerinOseram-Funkenfängerin (heavy)
  • 2x modification space
  • 50 shock-resistant
  • 800x metal shards
  • 2x Shining braid
horizon-zero-dawn-silent-nora-huntressSilence Nora Hunter (heavy)
  • 2x modification space
  • 50 camouflage
  • 800x metal shards
  • 1x howler back Heart
horizon-zero-dawn-banuk-verderbnistilgerinBanuk-Verderbnistilgerin (heavy)
  • 2x modification space
  • 50 corruption-protection
  • 760x metal shards
  • 1x Graser Heart
horizon-zero-dawn-Carja-fire armsCarja fire crest (heavy)
  • 2x modification space
  • 50 fire-resistant
  • 780x metal shards
  • 1x striker Heart
horizon-zero-dawn-nora-protectorNora-Protector (heavy)
  • 2x modification-splatz
  • 30 melee protection
  • 1000x metal shards
  • 1x armored walkers Heart
horizon-zero-dawn-oseram-pfeilbrecherinOseram-Pfeilbrecherin (heavy)
  • 2x modification space
  • 30 Ranged resistance
  • 1100x metal shards
  • 1x crystal mesh
horizon-zero-dawn-shadow-faithfulShadow True (heavy) &# 8211; after the main quest &# 8220; The horror of the sun&# 8221; unlocked
  • 3x modification-splatz
  • Protects against glare and sound effects
  • 680x metal shards
  • 1x Stalker Heart

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