PS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 through 6 to G 12

The Witcher 3, GTA 5, Blood Bourne &# 8211; the highlights of the PS4 games are aimed at adults and therefore receive no youth release. But there are certainly one or the other highlight of the games on the PS4 for children.

PS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 through 6 to G 12

The selection of children's games on the PlayStation 4 is not as lush far as the Nintendo Wii consoles or Nintendo 3DS. Nevertheless, there are one or the other highlight of the PS4 games for children. If you wondered what game you want to give your nephew for a birthday, you can find below some buying tips for children's games on the PlayStation. 4

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PS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 through 6 to G 12

Rayman Legends

Not just for kids fun and challenging at the same time, the PS4 version of Rayman games. Rayman Legends was named platform game of the year. ihPS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 through 6 to G 12r runs in the usual manner by sidescroller nice 2D levels and have to survive the obstacles of all kinds. 3D boss battles provide additional fun, yet both the graphics and the picturesque atmosphere is kept very child-friendly.

  • Rated: 6
  • Genre: Platform

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PS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 through 6 to G 12

LEGO The Hobbit / LEGO The Movie Video Game

LEGO goes on. The LEGO games are characterized mainly by the licensed setting and their own humor. LEGO: The Hobbit you have to the adventures of the film original relive. Anyone who has seen the films will recognize many scenes in the game. LEGO The Hobbit comes here as an open world game with different levels and numerous well-known characters from Tolkien's novel to the PlayStation 4. side quests and puzzles for childPS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 through 6 to G 12r are not an obstacle, the gaming experience complete. In addition to the Hobbit version is also available LEGO versions of Jurassic World, Batman or LEGO The Movie for the PS4.

  • Rated: 6
  • Genre: Platform

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9166Lego Hobbit Trailer

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Although zombies are nothing else for kids, even kids from the age of 12 can have a view of the cult game &# 8220; Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare&# 8221; toss. Here you have to put plants in your garden to deny funny animated zombies the way to your house. It is considered to keep a cool head, to select the right weapons and strategies.

  • Rated: 12
  • Genre: Strategy Game
6436Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

PS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 and G 6

Angry Birds Star Wars

Just as Plants vs. Zombies also has Angry Birds virtual running as an app for smartphonesPS4 Kids: Highlights of G 0 through 6 to G 12 learned and tablets. The PlayStation 4 version shipped the entertaining Angry Birds principle in the Star Wars universe. So there is a reunion with many well-known characters like Darth Vader or Stormtroopers in the pig and bird format. The aim is to clear the imperial pawns sent from the playing surface.

  • Rated: 0
  • Genre: Strategy Game

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FIFA 15 / FIFA 16

Do you have a small football player in the family or kinship, you can certainly get FIFA 15 as child's play for the PlayStation 4th The gameplay is self-explanatory, the basic control is easy to learn. Thanks to various team strengths also you can create a certain degree of fairness by you choose an experienced player, a one-star team from Saudi Arabia and antretet against a FIFA newcomer with Bayern or Real Madrid. Beginners will be 16 simplifies mainly by the new FIFA 16 coach the first steps in FIFA.

  • Rated: 0
  • Genre: Sports Game

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22380FIFA 16 Trailer Pele

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