Windows 7 unlock as administrator – How it works

Have you actually ever wondered, actually what rights you may have for your Windows 7? What, you have the status of an administrator? Welcome to reality, unfortunately, this is not like that. We tell you how you can register as an administrator in Windows. 7

Windows unlock as administrator 7 - How it works's

Windows 7 may indicate that you find yourself as an administrator in its own system, but actually it is not so. Frequent queries of rights and the message "You do not have the necessary administrator rights ..."Lead to the conclusion that you were incapacitated on your own PC.

Administrator privileges on Windows 7 unlock

but this is not necessarily so, you can repeat to you as an administrator your right. And so reverse the administrator rights in Windows 7 back to you:

  1. Make your way to the Control Panel
  2. Happens System and Security > administration > computer management
  3. Selects Local Users and Groups
  4. Opens with a double-user now
  5. Selects the properties of the administrator (the one with the downward arrow)
  6. you now find yourself in the properties of administrator removes her the check in front Account is disabled
  7. Set a password for the administrator (Caution: This may set personal data of the Administrators account will be lost)
  8. Click on Administrator and confirms the warning after her set password have chosen
  9. Starts the PC to allow Windows 7 you now recognize as an administrator

You have to get natural log in as administrator to all rights are in your hands.

windows 7 administrator

Start Photogallery(3 pictures)Solution to Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.exe)

Administrator activate the command prompt

It is faster than the prompt to activate the administrator's rights in Windows. 7 For this you proceed as follows:

  1. Calling by typing "CMD" in the Start menu, the console
  2. Now give the following line:
    • Net user administrator / active: yes

Here, too, you should still set a password for the Administrator account. Verfahrt for above from the 7th


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