What became of … Eddie Murphy?

Eddie Murphy &# 8211; a bon vivant, a solo entertainer, an artist. Once the actor was able to talk, wonderful and make you laugh with his comedies. Once the participation of Eddie Murphy was a box office guarantee and crowd puller. Once&# 8230; but today? How is it ordered to Eddie Murphy? What became of him?

What became of ... Eddie Murphy?Source: © Paramount

our category &# 8220; What happened&# 8230 ;?&# 8221; is actually not infrequently a tragedy, after all, it is about actors and actresses who were once the focus of attention, but then disappeared from the scene, so we ask where are they remained in the meantime. While this is often a purely private decision, but in the case of Eddie Murphy I was me there not so sure.

What happened&# 8230; Eddie Murphy?

Forever Eddie Murphy will mainly remain one thing: the &# 8220; Beverly Hills Cop&# 8221 ;. The role of the sly and witty cops Axel Foley made world known and loved Eddie Murphy. And let's face it: all three parts are really great movies! but even &# 8220; Trading Places&# 8221; With Dan Akroyd and &# 8220; Coming to America&# 8221; are movies in which Eddie Murphy could actually convince and sharpened its image.

However, apart from a few exceptions, it was the beginning of the 2000s filnmtechnisch downhill: &# 8220; Pluto Nash &# 8211; In the fight against the Mafia Moon&# 8221; could the world with a budget of 100 million US dollars, only 7.1 million US dollars again import (via Box Office Mojo). From &# 8220; Norbit&# 8221; we will not even talk. Especially not when you consider that the latter film Eddie Murphy likely the chance for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for &# 8220; Dreamgirls&# 8221; has denied. Claiming at least angry voices (via Los Angeles Times).

Beverly Hills CopAs we know and love. © Paramount

Off a synchronous part in the &# 8220; Shrek&# 8221; series came in recent years only &Tower Heist; # 8220&# 8221; (2011) and &# 8220; Still thousand words&# 8221; (2012) in the cinemas. Since then, it has become absolutely still.

What Eddie Murphy makes today

Well, &# 8220; become quiet&# 8221; Perhaps it is true not quite, because the mouth has Eddie Murphy not shut by far. Apart from a report from December 2013 which was circulated in the social networks and said that Eddie Murphy had died in a snowboarding accident, Murphy made primarily as a singer's attention. The older readers or Eddie Murphy fans among you will certainly know that it is not the first time that the actor tried singing: In the US, at least the song &# 8220; Party All The Time&# 8221; 1985 to be a hit.

2014 Eddie Murphy wanted the album &# 8220; 9&# 8221; bring to market, but apart from four singles, there was in this respect not heard much. 2015 he could if for the next song will be well received, but release a reggae album:

Post by Eddie Murphy.

But what goes into acting? All announcements that deal with new movie appearances by Murphy must be treated so far as rumors. From &# 8220; Beverly Hill Cop 4&# 8243 ;, what might work well, and the film &8220; Miles And Me&# 8221; With Halle Berry is talk there. Remains to be seen what is coming. Lucrative likely a new film role yet to be because, despite the failures Eddie Murphy is still one of the most-earning actors in Hollywood!

A few days ago, at least saw the American audience Eddie Murphy to the celebrations of the format &# 8220; Saturday Night Live&# 8221 ;, the show, by the Murphy rose to fame on TV. However, the following article was somewhat strange, because actually the actor should have a gag at the expense of Bill Cosby, is indeed accused of abuse and rape, bring. Instead, he blew the gag just before the show and came only to the stage to congratulate the show's 40th anniversary, to clap a little and the producers to leave a loss (in better quality that is not to find):

Finally, a request: Dear Eddie Murphy, I loved your earlier works and swallowed and would be very happy if you could show a similar film again, what you've got! No &Norbit 2; # 8220&# 8243 ;, no &# 8220; Dr. Doolittle&# 8221 ;, no &# 8220; The Nutty Professor&# 8221 ;, but rather a caliber as &# 8220; Beverly Hills Cop&# 8221 ;. Then I might hear him as well your songs! Deal?


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