View a world clock on Android smartphones and iOS

If you own an Android phone or an iPhone, you also have a world clock, which is just a click away at once. We show you how to find them.

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Modern smartphones have numerous functions, including, of course, indicate the possibility the time. What many users but do not know: On an Android smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone you can simultaneously take advantage of a world clock and watch, what time it is precisely in many cities around the world.

So you can watch the world clock on the Smartphone Show

On an Android smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the following screenshot you can easily view the World Clock:

World Clock Android

  1. Opens Home.
  2. then taps the clock app.
  3. Inside the watch app you typed then on the tab World Clock.

World time Android

then taps again on the plus icon and it will open a list of cities. Selects a city and you see what time it is there. Alternatively, you can simply enter in the search box, type a location. Note that not all cities, but only known locations or large cities such as London, Berlin, New York, etc. stored.

World Clock App

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Call World Clock on the iPhone

Of course owners of an iPhone or iPad also have a world clock. Ye also opens on the clock app on the Start menu of your Apple device. Maybe you have then the world clock tab from the bar choose below.


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