use iPhone with Dual-SIM: What you should know

With the dual SIM function you have the ability to use two SIM cards simultaneously. What such a function is good and if that also works with the iPhone, you can find out here.

Usually only selected smartphones are equipped with the dual SIM option.

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Used to be a business phone nor a sign of high importance, so now many professionals have such a device. Meanwhile, the displays are getting bigger with smartphones, always two devices they do not want everyone at work have. so many smartphones integrate the possibility that users can use two SIM cards simultaneously in one device. So you can use as his private SIM card and the SIM with the phone number for the work simultaneously. But that's also the iPhone?

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No dual SIM in iPhone 7 and older generations

From the house there is no way more than one SIM card with the iPhone to use. Apple has so far made no dual SIM model of the iPhone. If you like, Apple remains true here, because even memory expansion via microSD card does not allow the company from Cupertino, contrary to the openness of other manufacturers so far. Whether Apple intends in the future to integrate dual SIM featured in upcoming product lines is not yet clear.

Dual SIMSo far, there is no iPhone model, which offers space for two SIM cards. Picture: © VladNikon

A dual SIM slot would take up more space in the device. Apple, however, is just anxious to save this place in the case, why was abandoned as well as the headphone socket on the iPhone. 7

use dual-SIM for iPhone: How it works

With some detours as well as an Apple smart phone with two SIM cards can be operated simultaneously. Thanks to an additional adapter, it is even possible then to use up to three SIM cards and thus three numbers with an iPhone.

  • For each iPhone model a specific adapter is required.
  • Here, a nano-SIM is inserted into the SIM card slot of the iPhone, which is connected via a ribbon cable with an adapter.
  • On the adapter up to two SIM cards find their place.
  • So they do not flap around loose in the end, is included in delivery an iPhone sleeve, on the back of the two additional cards can be stored.
  • If there is no SIM lock before, SIM cards can be used network operator across.
  • Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have a transceiver. This means that the SIM card is not parallel, but can only be used alternately. The selection of the active SIM via an extra app or via the menu. but you can still be reached on the inactive SIM card has a number redirection.
  • In addition, one should keep in mind that the use of the adapter is not approved by Apple. It can therefore be Problems and disturbances in the reception or in the device come also the establishment requires a little time and tact. Before buying a dual sim adapter for iPhone you should take a look at articles and reviews.
  • Certainly, this detour is not the most elegant solution for the dual SIM problems on an iPhone 7, 6 or older model. but who really insists on such a feature, so that gets so but at least the chance.

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dual sim adapterFor example, a dual SIM adapter for the iPhone might look like. Image © ELEGIANT

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With a little effort and a small additional investment so you can also use the iPhone Dual-SIM &# 8211; if the SIM cards can not be operated in parallel as well.

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