What’s wrong with Karsten? Theories & the solution

There are always videos that go viral on the Internet &# 8211; often they are about cats and dogs or young children, sometimes it's also about unusual behavior of adults. The Techno Viking or indeed Karsten are part of our network culture. What was now exactly Karsten going on, you read it here.

3318"What's the matter with Karsten?"
The sentence: &# 8220; What's the matter with Karsten?&# 8221; was originally written by the speaker in the VOX series Wild living room, are presented in the exotic animals and their owners. was accompanied in the case Karsten Wöllner, which is a known snake expert and breeders.

The &# 8220; What's the matter with Karsten?&-Video; # 8221

In the relevant film clip shows him &# 8211; Karsten Wöllner &# 8211; as in his hand, he runs down a hallway, a box of tranquilizer darts &# 8211; well for elephants. As he runs, he rummages around in it and begins a sentence: &# 8220 (&# 8230;) the only thing that surprises me a little bit about the story, which is why only&# 8230;&# 8221 ;. Then why Karsten hears from a distance call someone Karsten, but that seems not to be the cause, &# 8211; apparently unmotivated &# 8211; a sprint the hallway starts and runs into the next room.

There he runs into a chair in the corner and falls, after which he will remain motionless in the corner. When he is halfway, you can hear just tell the speaker's voice that sentence: &# 8220; What's the matter with Karsten?&# 8221 ;. Given the unusual action, a fair question. Karsten then stumbles and comes to a halt in the corner, we hear the speaker notice: &# 8220; This looks not good.&# 8221; Too, is correct and well observed. Then, another person enters the room with the question: &# 8220; What was that?&# 8221; and the comment: &# 8220; Au Ha!&# 8221; Karsten and hurries to help.

The scene is hidden and it is not without wit that VOX simply goes over the strange incident away and announces the next topic without further comment.

Python in the tree

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The theories about what was going on with Karsten

The video in question has disappeared for copyright reasons largely from the net. But more than described here is not to be seen. The network world was certainly hooked and eager to clarify the question of what was going on with Karsten.

  • Some believe he would have gotten the handle in the boxes with the tranquilizer darts one serving of the product and therefore see this strange reaction.
  • Others say that he had been bitten by one of his snakes &# 8211; does not mean: &# 8220; bitten by monkeys?&# 8221;
  • More people from the Internet community have suggested that he wanted to be the first at dinner, and has something to overestimated. The voice &# 8220; Karsten&# 8221; calls just before he starts running, had previously &Food; # 8220&# 8221; called.

RIP web! We may have created a monster?

Gardner Schlange in closeup

In fact, the thing seems to be that Karsten suffers from diabetes and was very weak at the time of the shooting by a parade with his snakes. The reason for his strange behavior would be acute hypoglycemia. Referred to as hypoglycemia phenomenon can lead to clouding of consciousness and different behaviors that often remind of drunks. In fact, you can also hear that Karstens articulation is not quite accurate. Although the video to outsiders looks quite funny for Karsten Wöllner it was not particularly funny. Hypoglycemia can in fact have really serious consequences and even death.  

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Source: Snake Attack, Python, Gardner Snake via Shutterstock.com

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