Call from 0152-06383212: Who is calling?

Modern phones offer the chance to see before taking off on the display of the numbers on the monitor, who is at the other end of the line. Currently, many users report that are called by the unknown number 015,206,383,212th

Call from 0152-06383212: Who is calling?

Calls from this number occur at any time of day. Many users complain several times to receive calls the phone number on the day. What's behind it?

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0152-06383212: What's behind it?

Again and again you get calls from unknown numbers, often referencing the intention for a product or to collect statistics. Several sufferers who was called by the specified phone number, however, report a suspicious behavior.

Call from 0152-06383212: Who is calling?

  • Caller number spend to call on behalf of the "German consumers."
  • Specifically is spied with questions of what time the person called to live.
  • Also ask if a dog is in the house will be charged.
  • Is also frequently placed directly again, without the caller says something. Here it can be assumed that several numbers are called simultaneously. Once a person decreases, the further call attempts are aborted.

The online service Tellows, users can exchange to share experiences with calls from unknown numbers. Here can be found in recent weeks numerous reports to the number "0152-06383212" that are consistently negative. A selection of comments:

  • "Calls several times a day to see if someone is at home &# 8230; Attention"
  • "Men and women (&# 8220; Anna Schmidt&# 8221) with South-East-European accent call on mobile number "
  • "Get these calls several times a day."

Call from 0152-06383212: Who is calling?

Beware call the number 0152-06383212

Do you get a call this number, you should not answer it. If you still abnehmt the handset, it avoids to respond to the questions of the caller. In addition, one should avoid to say "yes" as well as its own name during the conversation. In the past, individual parts of the conversation were already cut in a different context, so z. pretending example, you would have agreed on the phone a paid subscription. If you will permanently called by this or any other number, we show you elsewhere as their numbers can block. Remains calm on mobile phone or telephone, and time to devote to correct callers.

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