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The jailbreak tool Redsn0w (Redsnow) released the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the annoying lock the iOS.

As well and certainly the original iOS may be, it denied its users but some great features of the Apple devices. Only with a jailbreak of iPhone fan his cell phone can actually use without tie. Many apps that Apple will not allow to be offered in the alternative app store Cydia. And suddenly things are possible that were previously banned.

Whoever therefore no longer wants to patronize and has found great apps in Cydia, the jailbreak must be iOS device. With Redsn0w we can bring our device to an iOS 6 without restrictions and the features of &# 8220; free apps&# 8221; stress this enough. Naturally, the jailbreaks lag the official iOS versions always delayed, because one has to find a point of attack only once in this.

As you can imagine, we must point out at this point that the use of the jailbreak tools redsn0w without warranty and 100 percent is at your own risk. After Apple will void the warranty on the use of such programs.

Tip: A very nice overview of the used jailbreaks for iOS devices is available here: Jailbreak Overview

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