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Anyone traveling on the Internet, romps through forums, chats and on social networks, constantly discovers new abbreviations. Especially English acronyms are also used in this country for digital communication. The abbreviation &# 8220; gg&# 8221; it not only has a meaning. In this guide we clarify you about on what &# 8220; gg&# 8221; can mean anything.

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Which does ______________ mean &# 8220; gg&# 8221; video games

Most GIGA-readers will have probably read the term for the first time in an online video game. With many online titles that are played in rounds or matches such meadow among other shooter Echtzeitstragtegie, Moba and further, it is not unusual abbreviation &# 8220; gg&# 8221; to use.

The abbreviation stands for &# 8220;Good Game&# 8221 ;, so translated &# 8220; good game&# 8221 ;. Usually, participants write at the end of a round &# 8220; gg&# 8221 ;, to indicate that it was a good and fair match. Just as in many sports, the opposing team's join hands to acknowledge their performance.

What's * gg * in the chat and on social networks

what does gg shutterstock_110202812But even in the Messenger or on Facebook, Twitter and you come again and again to a * gg *. If this is not in the context of video games, so it can only poorly &# 8220; good game&# 8221; mean.

gg with * the writer in the chat will give only to realize * that he particularly strong grins. While * g * for &# 8220; grins&# 8221; , represents * gg * maintains it for &# 8220; grins grins&# 8221; or. &# 8220; double Grins&# 8221 ;. Even in English, the abbreviation * gg * synonymous with &# 8220; gringrin&# 8221; or. &# 8220; giggle&# 8221; (Dt titter., Glucksen) was used.

More important for the abbreviation GG

But the abbreviation GG there were already far ahead of the time when the Internet culture has made the two letters to profit them. One or the other will surely once before the sentence: &# 8220; Under Article I 1. GG, human dignity is inviolable&# 8221; have read or heard something like that.

GG is namely as shortcut for the &# 8220;GroundGFinances Act for the Federal Republic of Germany&# 8221 ;. So when a legal issue is discussed, the two letters are rarely used for a wide grin or congratulations on a successful game.

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