Spotify: off Shuffle – Here’s how

With the music streaming service Spotify you can a huge music collection directly carry around in your pocket and does not even need necessarily huge amounts of disk space. If you use the app on Spotify and you want to turn off shuffle, we tell you the following guide exactly how that works.

7237off Shuffle: Spotify

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Your just have the Spotify app&# 8217; s smartphone downloaded and want to stream directly, but you only have the option of your favorite album, Music in shuffle mode reproduce? We tell you below whether and how their in Spotify Shuffle off can. If you still have more questions about Spotify, we say to you in another place besides, what the differences between Spotify and Deezer are and what it is all about with Spotify Family. If you like to listen to music while running, perhaps Spotify Running for you the right thing.

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Spotify Shuffle off - how it&# 8217; s

In most cases, the Resolution for the shuffle mystery Spotify quite simple. If you only have a basic account and not monthly pay for the premium version of the streaming app, you can use the app on the smartphone only in the shuffle mode. Do you want to albums on the phone so listen without Shuffe, you will now have no choice but to use the premium version of Spotify. Moreover, it is with you Spotify Free allowed only to skip six songs per hour.

Spotify shuffle offSince he denounces, the great shuffle button and laughs at you. In the free version of Spotify you can not turn off the shuffle mode.

Spotify Shuffle remains despite Premium

If you already have a Premium Membership at Spotify has yet not know, we can off you shuffle, you may help the following tips:

  • Now a playlist or an album in shuffle mode, the Song view calls. For this you typed easily on lower section of the screen on the surface, what song is playing that indicates you.
  • Now the screen should be large View the album cover and display the currently playing song title.
  • Left of the pause button you see two crossing arrows. These have a green color, the playlist will be played in shuffle.
  • To turn off shuffle, simply tap on the icon.

Spotify Shuffle off-2

If this does not work, you should best contact you directly to Spotify support. After all, it may well be possible that the Service just affected works or the current version of the app is not compatible with your smartphone.


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