“The Cake Is A Lie” has the meaning and for what game comes Meme?

Who moves in the network through forums and communities that pokes one time or another to recurring statements, including z. B. sayings like "Haters Gonna Hate" or "The Cake Is A Lie". Below you experience, which puts meaning behind the phrase "The Cake Is A Lie" and has what the origin of the expression.

A TV station was a few years ago on a completely wrong track, as it was thought the statement "The Cake Is A Lie" have a historical story, and I come from a supernatural being.

Where does "The Cake Is A Lie" and what does the phrase?

Quite as mystical is the meaning of "The Cake Is A Lie" is not. The origin is the set of the popular game "Portal" made by Valve.

when a reward for an action is promised, but fails this reward is used the term. In Portal have different tasks that are provided by the computer system GlaDOS be solved. For these tasks a piece of cake is promised. As the game progresses then place several times written by hand on a wall on a wall of the mentioned term. Other participants in the project in Portal have therefore also get asked duties of GlaDOS, without having received the promised cake ultimately as a reward.


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"The Cake Is A Lie" has the meaning and for what game comes Meme? (Spoiler)

*Spoiler* At the end of Portal you have to pick it up eventually with GlaDOS. Defeat her computer system, although there is no cake, who can but the guy running across the screen, sees a dark room in which a cupcake including candle is presented. The cake was about but not a lie?


To understand the full meaning of the sentence "The Cake Is A Lie," you can play with the Orange Box Half-Life 2 *"The Cake Is A Lie" has the meaning and for what game comes Meme? Get again on the screen.

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With us you learn the importance of &# 8220; IDK&# 8221 ;. And how does it actually made with Portal 3?

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