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After 13 years one of the most popular television series of the 90s returned to the TV screen with the X-Files. Since February 8, 2016, we were able to look at new episodes in the form of a 6-part miniseries on free TV on ProSieben. Thus fell Season 10, although quite short and thus made even more so appetite for more. Until there are new episodes, we still have the old of the past 10 seasons. Find out here where you can watch all of you.

Without X-Files we would never say the following things: &# 8220; I Want to Believe&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; The truth is out there somewhere&# 8221; and &# 8220; Never trust anyone!&# 8221 ;. Thanks to X-Files do Aliens look like little gray man with oversized eyes. And we looked through the X-Files with spontaneous human combustion, strange vampire creatures, comic monsters and human parasites. Those who can not remember, which should be urgently once again look at all the consequences of the X-Files in the stream. If you are diligent and looks every day, then you made it in about two months.

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Here again is the trailer for the 10th season of The X-Files:

21148The X-Files - Trailer English

X-Files: A Brief Summary

FBI agent Fox Mulder in charge of the X-files of the FBI in Washington, D.C. To monitor him, his young scientist Dana Scully is set aside. You should refute his theories about alien life and alien abductions. At the beginning it comes frequently to friction between the two. It takes a bit until they build trust in each other and Scully doubts stores - the latter takes a long time. After the first season of The X-Files The X-Files to be closed for the first time. But not forever, as we know.

The special feature of the X-Files is that the series is not only a variety self-contained &# 8220; monster-of-the-Week&# 8221; contains episodes, but in between also further spins a storyline that was picked up again in the reboot of the year 2016: The abduction of Mulder's sister Samantha by aliens. Therefore important characters who developed related to this mystery be. This includes the &CSM; # 8220&# 8221 ;. The Monster consequences are concerned, however with the respective primal fears of humanity.

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The X in the stream & on TV: Here you go in search of the truth

Currently, the free TV channels ProSieben Maxx shows the second season of The X-Files Right after that, on July 4, 2016, the station will continue with the third season. Repetitions each run on the night following Tuesday. Thus ProSieben Maxx has virtually taken over the mystery Monday its parent station. For on that made X-Files years ago, a flagship of the transmitter. So you will not miss any episode, you can find the current TV broadcast a live stream at:

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Otherwise there is the X-Files Season 1 to 10 in some stream online video stores. Here you will find it and that's when it happens:

  • Amazon Video *see all 10 seasons online: The X-Files in Stream: Here you can watch the seasons 1 to 9 comfortably look within your Prime subscription. These are in German. The Season 10 *see all 10 seasons online: The X-Files in Streamunfortunately is not in the subscription included with the room. You may be able to buy and thus to get a few extras you though.
  • Maxdome *see all 10 seasons online: The X-Files in Stream can you you buy all 10 seasons of The X-Files. You have the choice between the original English version and the German-dubbed version.
  • iTunes *see all 10 seasons online: The X-Files in Stream currently has nine seasons of The X-Files in German or in English in the program.
  • You will also find the first 9 seasons even with Sky Go *see all 10 seasons online: The X-Files in Stream and Sky Online *see all 10 seasons online: The X-Files in Stream. Here you can look at -As Amazon- the subscription price.

Here you will find detailed information on the 10th season of The X-Files

P.S.: There are rumors about a 11th season, and also a new X-Files movie should not be excluded.

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