Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Download

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion DownloadApple latest big cat uses these days to attack. The goal: the wallet of Mac users, or the hard disk of the willing "victims". As indicated in its quarterly conference call Peter Oppenheimer, saw OS X LionMac OS X 10.7 Lion Download* July 20, officially the light of day. We summarize the main features of the system updates along shortly.

First of all: In this article, we can not imagine all the new features of the lion in detail, the report is directed but primarily for lay people and newcomers. Therefore, reference is made at this point to the twelve-part preview series of, as well to the many interim reports, which revealed piecemeal more and more features - just right for insiders.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion DownloadSystem-wide changes
The circle is complete: Originally, the former iPhone OS was developed (now iOS) from Mac OS X. However, for ordinary users, this was only partially comprehensible, the adaptation of a complex operating system on a smaller screen would require very important changes - the relationship to the "big" Mac OS X was therefore usually only visible to the expert on developer site. however emerged was a very innovative operating concept, which contributed significantly to the current success of the iOS platform. Since it is only logical for Apple to turn back any part of this idea to the big brother Mac OS X. This is very clear, for example, the new Launchpad. With a push of a button, the user sees all of its programs in full screen mode, it can choose freely arrange or put in folders - just like iOS.

this type of system navigation continues through mission Control. The command center of the Mac Tools combines previous Exposé, Dashboard, Spaces and (new) programs in full screen mode in a single view - the user receives as fast access to the respective elements. by the way Full Screen: This type of use of the program was borrowed from iOS, supported first by the native applications such as the new Apple Mail 5, iCal, Preview or iLife apps such as iPhoto. Developers are free also adapt their own software then.

To be able to use all of this makes sense to Mac OS X Lion goes on Advanced multi-touch gestures (Swipe, pinch, scrolling etc.). So you should either have a MacBook with appropriate trackpad, or - if not available - buy his computer Favorite Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. it should be mentioned also the easy exchange of data via AirDrop. Files are transferred so without any configuration via Wi-Fi between Lion-users - nice, although the comparable data exchange has not been less difficult than Bluetooth, but more slowly.

Also FileVault has been revised: Apple's encryption technology is now working on volume level (for external drives) and was again secure. Also new in Lion: Find My Mac - the equivalent to the localization and remote locking of the iPhone. As no Mac has a GPS module, the necessary positioning is carried about by nearby WiFi networks. In the city this works most reliably and relatively precise, in the open country, however, there is likely to be problematic.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Download

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion DownloadNew features specifically for "Lion" programs
If the user wants to use the following functions, the programs must be adapted accordingly forcibly Mac OS X Lion. No easy task, as long all the developers are not ready yet, as our article on the subject reveals. But this is, as so often, only a matter of time.

is very useful, for example, the innovation AutoSaveFiles are automatically saved while working and going even with a seeing the crash (for example, due to power failure) is not lost. So far, such a function had to each be anchored directly in the program, this then more copies of the document were produced. With AutoSave is not done and Mac OS X takes over the complete control. Also included are a return function and an automatic barrier against accidental changes.

is further contemplated consistently AutoSave by versions - Time Machine for documents. Changes to the file every hour, "co-written" or with each call, who wants to can then Time Machine-style sift through the various versions of its document and to restore. Very practical in daily operations should also Resume be: you know it, the Mac is restarted (either by System Update or forcibly crash), then you open any programs and files "by hand". Resume makes these multiple steps obsolete, because the Mac starts as you have "abandoned" him before. By the way: This also works in special customized startup programs - all previously opened documents can be found again.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Download server integration
Those who wanted to take advantage of the diverse server features of Mac OS, had been the server version purchase - just under 500 euros truly not a bargain and for home thus usually out of the question. Well, the good news is that the separation between client and server version of the old model running Mac OS X Lion will be more or less eliminated. However, you will still be asked, in addition to checkout (costs 39.99 €Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Download*) Because the rumors were confirmed that one is forced to unlock the server functions to download the Mac App Store server update.

A prerequisite for this expansion will be an already installed Mac OS X Lion. Too bad, because for example, the new wireless file sharing for the iPad, would certainly be interested in many private users. This could sift, copy, among other Keynote documents on the Mac on iPad and thus sharing function for the network. On the other hand, the cost of immense functional expansion hold but be very limited, if one compares the aforementioned three-digit euro sum for the original version of Mac OS X Server (Snow Leopard).

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion DownloadOpen questions: Rosetta, Front Row and Co
But not only new features found in Mac OS X Lion, because Apple also slims you up. So contained the previous development versions neither Java nor the Rosetta environment. The media surface Front Row came last into oblivion, barely an update has been donated this function and also for this meaningful Apple Remote can be found only at an additional cost in the current computers or the MacBook Air now waived entirely on their support.

The complete elimination of Rosetta is also sealed. Five years after switching from PPC to Intel processors only a few Power Mac G5 customers should their machines remain loyal, accordingly, most programs are likely to be now adjusted to Intel CPUs. Apple was never at a loss, rigorously cut off old habits - with Lion have henceforth done their old PPC programs.

Launch, Sales? and prices
Mac OS X Lion is available as an upgrade (size about four gigabytes) of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. A true "full version" does not exist, but an existing installation of the snow leopard for the user is necessary. For this, the price of 23.99 euros in the face of extensive new features is a real bargain. Surprised we show the new distribution channel, because Mac OS X Lion will it exclusively as a download version in the Mac App StoreMac OS X 10.7 Lion Download* give.

Although there were in this regard taken appropriate rumors that radical realization of this idea without a classic parallel distribution on DVD and Co then made, but for wonder. Especially Apple dealers will also be less pleased to update the lucrative business is still in the future rather than without it. Also this approach shows the great confidence in Apple's new server technology, finally, the manufacturer must count on launch with a huge onslaught. Good news: users can at least still a bootable DVD create, or play the appropriate disk image to an SD card or a USB flash drive.

As already mentioned, the customer on request, the full server functionality of Mac OS X Lion through the Mac App StoreMac OS X 10.7 Lion Download*. assume an existing installation of Mac OS X Lion - costing 39.99 euros budget. By the way, buyers of new Macs, without Lion will receive the update this time completely free of charge - without the usual processing fee, which would be difficult to justify in a purely digital distribution certainly. Date for this is the acquisition of Macs from 6 June 2011th

To conclude with a few words about the system requirements: To be prepared for Mac OS X Lion, the Mac must own a Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7 or Xeon processor equipped and have at least two gigabytes of memory. Thus have as suspected, dispense buyer of the first Intel systems on Mac OS X Lion.

No doubt: The Lion brings all kinds of useful features are released, especially career changers from the world of iOS Mac is redone palatable. If you believe the many positive reviews, which is &# 8220; Early&# 8221; Update for professional users no problem. Teething or incompatibility major programs have so far been rare.

Note: The original article of June 5 was supplemented again on June 6, June 30 and July 22 for additional information, or updated.

  • Operation approaches the iOS devices of (homogeneous GUI)
  • both client and especially for the server variant very favorable upgrade prices,
  • useful functions at the program level (AutoSave etc.)
  • no support for PPC programs
  • for effective use a multitouch trackpad or Magic Mouse is a duty


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