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Have you ever wondered you what the little word &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; mean? Then you should read on. In the following language guide we clarify the meaning of &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221 ;, tell you when you can use the word and discover where the word comes from.

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A typical situation in a conversation: Person A is an opinion for the best, for example, &# 8220; man, the new Mad Max movie I found really cool.&# 8221; Then Person B: &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221 ;. A person who has never heard the word, now wonders: What does that mean &# 8211; &# 8220, but I do not care&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; You me&# 8221 ;? Or is some new, obscure chat abbreviation? The answer is much simpler: &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; in this case simply means: &# 8220; I see it.&# 8221;

Ditto-meaning - when I use the word?

The meaning of &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; So is a manifestation of Approval. Instead of &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; one could also say "Same" or "Also" - which, however, does not sound so sophisticated. In a way similar to &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; Kudos to the word but the scope is something special: &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; is e.g. very often used to answer an expression of emotion as a compliment or congratulations.

  • &# 8220; I wish you a happy new year!&# 8221; &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221 ;.
  • &# 8220; I hereby want to state that I love you and will adore all eternity.&# 8221; &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221 ;.
  • &# 8220; You make me sick!&# 8221; &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221 ;.

It is important that the respective event both callers concerns: In the statement &# 8220; Happy Birthday&# 8221; with a &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; respond, makes logical example no sense - unless the Gratulierende also has birthday that day and a reason to celebrate.

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Ditto-meaning - where does the word?

&# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; is not a German word but borrowed from the French language. The technical term for this is a loan word (of borrowing). Also in French reads &# 8220; Ditto&However, # 8221 ;, the origin still goes back further, namely to the Latin. The original word is the Latin verb &# 8220; dire&# 8221; which as much as &# 8220; say my&# 8221; means. From there the word wandered into Italian, where it is as a past participle form &# 8220; detto&# 8221; (What has been said) established in the vernacular. The relationship to the Italian one can see quite well in the obsolete spelling of the German &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221 ;: Until 1901 there was in fact &# 8220; Ditto&# 8221; written.

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