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The makers of Snapchat build the functionality of the popular app continuously. With the new "snap Map" you can find and browse content on a map their other Snapchat users.

The "snap Map" will be rolled out immediately and should find their way to the smartphone with an update. If you can not access the snap map, a manual update of the app performs or is still waiting a bit until the feature is enabled with you.

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Thus, the snap Map works

With Snap Map you can share over Snapchat, thus indicating your friends or followers, where you find yourself currently your site.

  • It is up to you whether you share the location with all Snapchat friends or telling only certain users where you currently find yourself.
  • Of course you can snap Map also use without releasing their own location. Put yourself in this "Ghost mode".
  • you can click on the map the location of all other contacts to see who share with you the location. The contacts are displayed as Bitmojis.
  • Push it to a contact on the card, you come to the contents of the respective Snapchat user.
  • Once a location has been retrieved, the corresponding contact receive a message. A secret spying on the exact stay Tortes therefore not possible.


So you reach the map:

  1. Changes in the camera view.
  2. Pulling two fingers on the screen from the outside inwards.
  3. you can now see where are your Snapchat friends on the map.

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snap Map & data protection?

Of course you should use the Snap-map feature wisely. While giving the makers of Snapchat that sites are not permanently stored, but you should not lightly use the function. About the location tracking can be easily movement profiles of users capture. So you can draw about a permanent location sharing conclusions about the home, school, recreational activities and more. The Snapchat-makers point out that the tracking function is inherently not active. In addition, you have to be friends with people in the app to see their location. Of course, there are various situations in which the new snap-Map could cause "problems":

Snapchat: locate friends and find stories from around

In addition to the content of friends can be found on the snap Map also Snapchat directly selected content in which you can browse. On the snap Map and Posts of companies appear next to stories from friends. So you can view one hand private stories and let you supply also has shops and other important places in the area by Snapchat with information.

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