Batman – Arkham Knight: All the ends – so you can see the secret closing film (Spoiler Warning!)

Hardworking Dark Knight will be in Batman: Arkham Knight rewarded and get in addition to the normal end presents a special graduation film your adventure closes due. In our guide, we explain how you can both unlock the normal and the secret end.


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Attention! Spoiler! Below, we give away the end of Batman: Arkham Knight and cater to details of the main plot. Should you therefore still be right in the game, you should not read any further!

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Batman &# 8211; Arkham Knight: Unlock all ends

Batman: Arkham Knight holds after completion of the Story two different ends ready for you. You can achieve both of these ends per innings. There are a normal and an enlarged end that you have presented another final film after the normal end of the game. Can you affect the end by the wanted list of Most Wanted Criminals in Gotham, where you have to put behind bars more super villains such as Two-Face, the Riddler or Penguin in various side missions. Overall, there are 14 wanted lists missions.

  • In carrying out their duties
  • Lamb on the slaughter
  • The perfect crime
  • arms dealer
  • Gotham in flames
  • Creature of Darkness
  • Heritage of the mask
  • Armored and dangerous
  • Friend in Need
  • Bandit with two faces
  • Abrüstkampagne
  • Conquest of Gotham
  • Ruler of the road
  • Riddler's revenge

For the normal end you have to complete seven of these side missions, while the entire list has to be processed for the true ending.

BATMAN ™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20150623214430In her GCPD your game progress on such panels can follow.

Batman &# 8211; Arkham Knight: The normal end

Wilt thou normal end from Batman: Arkham Knight guided in the ways you have to both Scarecrow have been arrested in the last story mission, and 7 of the 14 wanted lists missions completed. Then you get a new mission in her Knightfall protocol must initiate. Make your way to the Bat-signal on the roof of GCPD.


The following is a cutscene in which Batman off his mask and with the Batwing to Wayne Manor flies. Once there, waiting Vicky Vale and numerous other reporters who report on the revealed identity of Batman. Alfred receives Bruce Wayne and they go together to the property, which exploded a few seconds later. The game ends as it began. With the sentence by Jim Gordon: &# 8220; So Batman has died&# 8221;.

Batman &# 8211; Arkham Knight: The true end

Do you want to know the whole truth, you have to every 14 wanted list missions have done. You can thereby missing side missions also do after the last major mission. Is as for a normal end to the roof of the GCPD and solves the case Knight protocol from at Bat signal. So you see the normal end, which, however, is still going on after the explosion of Wayne Manor.


Gotham City was able to recover from the terror, because no longer a super villain makes the streets unsafe. Jim Gordon candidate for mayor and Robin (Tim Drake) and Barbara Gordon to release their wedding. Everything seems to be good. But now you can see a Couple with their young son go into a dark alley. Immediately, memories of Batman's own destiny awake and also the respectable citizens of gangsters are attacked. However, you can now see on the roof of a shadow that begins to form. The gangsters are confused and are in the final shot by a nightmarish creature similar to Batman, attacked.


That ye the true end seen Arkham Knight: Batman.

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