Windows 10: block websites – step by step

Make websites spread Trojans, deliver annoying advertising or are not suitable for children. How about it so if you would block these websites and make children safe? This is easy to do yourself! Windows has been installed!

Windows 10: block websites - step by step

In fact, you can define within Windows for a long time, what sites are allowed to load at all. If your example specifies that certain advertising server, porn sites or viruses spin does not get through, then you also get from these addresses nothing more to see. It takes only seconds to as to run Facebook and Co on an office computer into space and to use his time again productive.

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Block websites with the HOSTS file

In every Windows installation, there is a file named &# 8220; HOSTS&# 8221 ;. This file is very important and has no ending. Open and edit can you this text file with an ASCII text editor. For this purpose, is built into Windows, among other things &# 8220; Editor&# 8221 ;. but if the file is larger, we recommend a freeware ASCII editor such as Notepad ++.

Much it's really easy but with the small freeware program HostsMan. This is specialized to edit this file to expand and make searchable. I imagine it in the next section.

block websites hostsWith the HOSTS file you can each server and any block websites

To the HOSTS file to find your need in the folder

c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \

switch. There she is and has no active ingredient. If you want to now block websites, then you have to make you realize that this lock with the HOSTS file basically a diversion to be a dead end. And then you need only two things to that file:

  1. Where should the site be redirected? (In this case, the Where's always a dead end)
  2. What address should be diverted? (This is always meant an Internet domain)

Here, you must follow two rules:

  1. The goal must always be an IP address. There is no other website. You can not redirect to each call to
  2. The blocked website must always &# 8220; completely&# 8221; be. is different from If you want to block both, you have to enter both.

You can do it simply to try. Suppose the website of Facebook should be blocked because the kids spend too much time. Then you would redirect Facebook so that the result would be an empty infinite loop. To this end, passing always all on the IP number around. This IP refers to the dedicated server on Linux systems. On Windows too, but found there instead usually not any traffic. A diversion as

Would each call to the website acknowledged with an error message. www.But can still be reached. So you would have to enter both in the HOSTS file!

block websites facebookWith a single line, the access can be blocked on all websites. Facebook is no longer to achieve ...

In order to make such entries, proceed as follows:

  • First, you click on the Windows Start button and give under &Run; # 8220&# 8221; the command &Notepad; # 8220&# 8221; on. Thereupon, the Windows text editor opens.
  • Now you click on the file you open dialog through to the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ and there opens the HOSTS file. It has no ending.
  • In it are several lines of text, each with a hash (#) begins. This diamond at the beginning ensures that the line is considered a comment and not a command.
  • So you deal with the last diamond a blank line and writes there dannein space and then the address of the website to be blocked. Without and with www. before!

For example

Now the file store and try out the browser, whether it worked. If the browser was already open, it can help to close it again. Mostly it works immediately. In very rare cases, Windows must be restarted. If it still does not work yet, one has made a mistake in the address of the website that you want to lock.

This method has a great advantage over other tools that run in the background and block websites. It is not very well known and also not a program in the task list can be seen that a clever user could possibly finish. As long as the HOSTS file remains untouched, the user can not reach the page. And for that, you can also provide a limitation of user rights, yes.

Feature in Windows 10

Windows 10 is particularly strict in dealing with system files. It makes you not as easy to edit certain files. This can be solved in several ways:

  1. Your log you a same as an administrator.
  2. You change the properties of the machining program, so z.-B. Notepad ++, so that they will always run as administrator.

These changes in your Explorer to the folder of the program, the program file with the right mouse button clicks and selects the context menu &# 8220; properties&# 8221 ;.

Properties of Notepad

In this window, you switch to the Compatibility tab and there you see the option below &Run this program as an administrator always; # 8220&# 8221;. Now click OK and then all files will be opened with Admin rights.

Block websites with freeware &# 8211; HostsMan

One can, of course, the HOSTS file by hand edit if you want to block some websites. But if the number of pages to be blocked is growing or you may want to resort to prepared lists of pages even that includes all ad servers, spam spin, Trojans pages and porn portals, then you do a more suitable tool.

The program HostsMan specializes in this task. The main task of this freeware tools lies in editing the Windows HOSTS file. An editor shows you all currently blocked websites and you can free it with a click of the lock. New locks can be set easily.

block websites HostsManEasier than with HostsMan can not block web pages!

The program has a lot of very useful features. Sun can be so among others empty after editing the DNS cache, which ensures that the new commands access in the HOSTS file immediately. In addition, you can equal load various lists that block all possible known malware websites within the program. A blacklist ensures that certain websites are blocked under any circumstances. This can also be helpful.

Incidentally, the file can not only to use it to block websites, but also for their own diversions. For instance, if the router or the webcam on a specific IP is available, you can not remember, then that IP is just as this function's target. And when rerouted website can take any term. So it is possible in the browser simply &# 8220; router&# 8221; enter and land on What is important is only that the goal can be defined as an IP address.

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