See O2 Order – so you go

You have ordered a phone or DSL connection with O2? Through the website of the telecommunication provider you can see and learn when to expect the delivery or activation of your product your order status. How this works, you learn in this article.

See O2 Order - so you go

O2-order status for mobile devices

If you have ordered a smartphone or tablet, you can retrieve the order status at O2 online quoting the order number and your personal information.

The job number will get you after your credit check done and is positive. Before a query order status is not possible.

The following seven different order or delivery status:

Pre / residueThe desired product is not available. Waiting for incoming goods.
eCRM in progressThe order will be processed in the credit check.
in process / Order in progressThe credit check has been successfully completed.
first komp.pickedThe package is being prepared for shipment.
/ Delivered / completed in extraditionThe package has been handed over to the parcel service.
order canceledThe order was canceled. This can be. B. happen with a rejection due to lack of credit.

If you have questions about the displayed delivery status, you can contact the O2 customer service. The account manager to assist you in delivery delays and other problems.

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O2 Order for DSL contracts

If you have ordered a fixed line with O2 or have been changes to your existing contract in order, you can inform you the password-protected customer My O2 on the current status of your order. You will receive information:

  • for connection date, d. H. the provision of the DSL line
  • the dispatch of hardware (hardware shipping status)
  • status when moving the DSL connection, connection acquisition and product changes
  • the number change
  • To further required by O2 information in order to realize a connection

Again, if you are unclear information or do you have problems with the processing of an order, turn ye to the O2 customer service.

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