HTC One (M7, 2013) in review: The best smartphone in the world?

HTC has hard times, 2012 was anything but a success year for the Taiwanese. With the new flagship, the HTC One, the almost declared dead Android smartphone veterans reported in February this year returned impressive. We have tested the aluminum piece of jewelry through its paces and are - so much was anticipated betrayed - very taken by a device that not only looks hauntingly good, but also technically up to some shortcomings does almost everything right. Where the One has its shortcomings and whether there is sufficient overall but for the interim title of "Best Smartphone of the Year", learn it in our review.

HTC One (M7, 2013) in review: The best smartphone in the world?

Granted, the title of this test report may sound at first glance somewhat exaggerated - can a smartphone ever be the "best in the world"? Should it be? Then all other manufacturers could make tight theoretically yes and HTC would need in future produce anything. Many people were out of work and we in the newsroom had not too much to report. So why the pursuit of the superlative? Well, in the weeks before the official presentation of the One you can imagine how much one stands at HTC behind this smartphone, as much depends on the company to him; we recently heard that CEO Peter Chou would withdraw even, the 4.7-inch model should be no success. Are your hopes that you put Taiwan in a single smartphone? Is worth the HTC One such confidence? Can it have such a (metaphorical) weight that it can decide on the mercy of a manufacturer? Is it really a device that the customer should buy in 2013?

HTC One1

Since the introduction of clad aluminum Full HD Phones any case sways a wave of enthusiasm by the Techblogs, the smartphone-savvy media whose comment area and the relevant forums - journalists, bloggers and users seem to agree that the One an extremely covetable piece of technology is making except for a few minor flaws with respect to the camera, the battery life and the tiresome subject Sense UI everything right. Also in the androidnext editorial we were absolutely enchanted the device at launch to first touched during the Berlin presentation from the first sight of the One. For two weeks, the test device is now in my hands, in my bag, lying on my writing and bedside table and excited me like the first day with the impeccable design and fantastic feel. But as it is reflected off by appearances in everyday life, how good the software, how potent the battery, which the 1080p display and the unusual ultra-pixel camera and sounding strong on marketing features BoomSound, Blink Feed and Zoe really?

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The HTC One in video

Before we investigate the issues raised in detail, admire is the One, quasi to set the mood, once again in moving images - in the form of our unboxings and the first of the hardware and the software Hands-on:

HTC One unboxing in

HTC One in hardware Hands-On

HTC One in the Software Hands-On

Design, feel and manufacture of the HTC One


Although the tech world has almost unanimously determined that the One is a masterpiece of the gadget design anno 2013, even if we every time we postulate how beautiful this smartphone is, at the same time are afraid of him, so that some of its charm to steal (just a great song that will break played on the radio), we can not fail in this test to illuminate enter the figure of one again. Especially because the One runs the risk of enchant us in the truest sense of the word with its external stimuli and possibly on one or the other weakness of time to be seen, must specifically this smartphone will consider very carefully. Swarms we therefore first extensively.

HTC-One back jack

If a firm (and little else technology-affine) iPhone owners though are facing me when touched the HTC One for the record that he "never another smartphone as an Apple use" will, at the same time but admits that the HTC One Sun much nicer than was the equivalent of Cupertino; if a diehard Galaxy S series phone users like me who has not caught on material selection and value of a smartphone in favor of raw hardware power, raises this ignorance of the HTC One at first sight overboard and falls at the latest at the first touch of the aluminum Unibody tried is to reverse the otherwise excellent polycarbonate devices from Korea back to zuzulegen the beguiling Taiwanese flagship, then speaks the one added subjective but clear language. The HTC One looks stunningly good and fits perfectly in your hand.


Regardless of whether the stealth-black model or silver-gray version (which I personally prefer), the simple industrial design with the understated understated and yet so effective detail work acts so consistent and - yes, we strive quiet this adjective - perfect, that one sometimes wonders why smart phones do not always look like and whether it even makes sense that future devices are designed differently.

This is primarily the material used - the one presented in the traditional HTC-aluminum unibody -, the no-frills design and the details mentioned, which is still being realized only at second glance, actually even until the third or fourth touch: Total One which is flat and straight forward - yes, there are rounded corners of the screen and the front but are plan, without the last so frequently seen bulges outward. All buttons and jacks on the edges are designed so that they hardly stand out in the frontal view of the device.


On the front initially pierce the two large stereo speakers on the top and bottom bar in the eye, which supply the booming sound (more on that later), in between the full HD display is with the two soft buttons "Back" and "Home", center the HTC logo. Top right of the speaker is the wide-angle camera front left hand proximity and brightness sensors are placed, the messaging building LED is fitted under the speaker grill (bottom row, third from left opening). On the right edge, the volume rocker, which is almost completely flat integrated into the housing and thus relatively difficult to palpate positioned; for that they scored with güt noticeable pressure points. On the left parked only the carriage for the MicroSIM card, which is extended to the iPhone using a special thin metal pin. The lower frame Micro-USB port and microphone are placed above to find the 3.5 millimeter jack and quite far to the left of the power button, which houses also the IR blaster. The positioning of the power button is unusual: While it is easy to reach with your index finger when holding the device in his right hand, yet here a little getting used to is required if one is used as the positioning of the power button on the right edge as Samsung.

HTC-One-volume rocker

The back of the One is not curved plane but easily whereby the smartphone in the interaction with the visually and sensually effective and well abraded edges is quite excellent in the hand, unlike the Sony Xperia Z hurts or does not interfere edge of the coherent holding feeling; and especially in the silver variant, the shining through the grinding process edges also act visually very pretty. The curvature the One measure in the middle while ordinary 9.3 millimeters in the center, tapering to the sides but to just under 5 millimeters, which also favors the feel - just like the rather low for a dressed in aluminum device weighing only 143 grams - Galaxy S3 and S4 Galaxy weigh with their plastic housings only 10 grams, respectively, 13 grams of less, the Xperia Z brings at least 146 grams on the scale. In width the One measures 68.2 millimeters in length come into being 137.4.

HTC-One MicroSIM slide

Special feature on the back, in addition to the rather large lens of 4.1 Ultra pixel camera and the associated LED lights, the two plastic strips, which can be found top and the bottom - hidden among them are the different antennas of the One, which despite aluminum shell should guarantee optimal reception. In addition, the ambient microphone is embedded here. the aluminum look is as though interrupted visually design technically but does the one not diminish. Center sports a large HTC logo, below even the beat audio logo and below it, like with the Xperia Z, the ugly standard and warning information, which probably could not be simply stamped into the interior of the device in the absence of a battery cover.


The build quality of the HTC One is just as stunning as its looks: Nothing is loose, nothing creaks, there are no significant gaps or muddy worked on equipment, everything is exactly as it should. Who was worried beforehand that especially in the black version, as then, the One S, sooner or chipping of the paint, which can be reassured us: intense After two weeks, though loving user sees our review unit almost like new - scratches, chips or dents are virtually non-existent on the case. On the Gorilla Glass 2-reinforced screen unfortunately find now but quite a few micro scratches.

HTC-One back jack

we once again summarize: The One is beautiful, is fantastic in the hand and is perfectly finished - if not including the diversity would suffer, I would hope that all portable devices look in the future so and feel that way. And if it would only go to the outside, we could stop at this point, Sony, Samsung, and even Google and ASUS could wrap up this year and we would have the next few months nothing more to do in terms of smartphones. but an Android phone must of course much more to than just look good and be robust &# 8230;

The Full HD screen of the HTC One

HTC-One Screen1

I am AMOLED spoiled, this should not be new regular androidnext readers: I like the rich, as I'm a bit exaggerated, colors Samsung flagships, I like the deep black and has so far with not too luminous screens and frayed (under the microscope) edges that have these screens, live well - especially me almost too pale and weak in color appeared all LCD screens, which are occurred to me before. The quasi-predecessor to the HTC One, the One X, is the only exception in my eyes.


In the one that everything is different: Its 4.7-inch Super LCD 3, which dissolves in Full HD, is in terms of sharpness and color force everything in the shade what I have seen so far in the LCD sector - and even with the super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S3 it can absorb the One difficulty. Here Black is black, white is really white, the colors are rich and deep, the contrasts impressive, the angle of view and guarantee superior even with extreme tilt, apart from the then occurring reflections on the display, a completely true picture.

HTC-One display outside

HTC-One-viewing angle

That the screen also with its 1920 x 1080 pixels on a surface with the screen size of 4.7 inches and out of it resulting 468 ppi is knackscharf, really need not be mentioned separately - for completeness but: The screen of the HTC One is sharp crack! And that has a positive effect both when navigating through the App Drawer, on the home screen and the settings, as well as surfing the net and reading all kinds of texts. Even YouTube videos and games that are not optimized for Full HD, act on the HTC One somehow nicer, sharper and better.

HTC-One-screen detail

The only tiny negative thing about the screen of the One whose little too low brightness - one would have to be allowed to consider the option, the slider when needed a little bit further to the right and thus can bring a little bit of extra luminosity from the SLCD 3 in certain situations yet even the screen of mine would test rating "best of 2013" get. So it goes at least "very good" for a thick asterisk; especially as the readability of the display is basically guaranteed even outside in the soon hopefully more often shining sun. And even the automatic brightness control in the HTC One makes their job a little, than the competition better and darkens the screen at least in bright environments not so exaggerated from.

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Hardware and performance of the HTC One

Leistungstechnisch the One plays also high with: Thanks Snapdragon 600 chipset, which clocks in HTC-cars with 1.7 GHz and has access to 2 GB of RAM, the device was shortly after his presentation with around 24,000 points in AnTuTu Benchmark even up briefly to the top of the synthetic measured smartphones; of course, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 came with his 200 MHz higher clocked 600 and moved things back by Samsung standards deal. But even if there are signs on the horizon, the next fastest smartphone, the HTC One can be described as high-performance with good reason: With the built-in hardware, including the Adreno 320 graphics accelerators are power reserves en masse available that currently no high-end can make fullest game and will not make fullest in the near future. And if they should bucking some times, such as when cruising through GTA Vice City, this can hardly be blamed on the chipset of the One. In Conclusion basically runs everything you are doing with the device, buttery soft and smooth.

Here are our results in some popular benchmarks, as compared with other popular devices:

benchmarkGalaxy S3Sony Xperia ZHTC One
Antutu (Total)163662053724666
Antutu (CPU)7669868711299
Antutu (GPU)457976238271
Antutu (RAM)322833224189
Antutu (I / O)890905907
CF-Bench (Overall)132681763523693
CF-Bench (Java)66231369321283
CF-Bench (Native)232362354827308
GLBenchmark 2.5.1
(Egypt HD C24Z16 Offscreen)
1681 frames
15 fps
3314 frames
29 fps
3838 frames
34 fps
GLBenchmark 2.5.1
(Egypt HD C24Z16 Fixed time step Offscreen)
105450 msec
11 fps
43245 msec
26 fps
37505 msec
30 fps

Of course, this always exuberant performance and beautiful screen take their toll - in terms of battery. More on that later, but so much in advance: You can tell quite intensive use of the device that the 2300 mAh power plant has grown to the high-resolution display and the powerful chipset not quite.

HTC-One-white logo

It should also be noted that the aluminum back of the One under full load at times but also when any app in the background broke works can be very warm - this came in our test run, but only rarely and settled in these exceptional cases, with a reboot fix the unit immediately.

The HTC One Software

Before we devote Sense 5 on the One, a few words on the capacitive hardware buttons. HTC dispensed with One at a multitasking or menu button and placed centrally between "Back" and "Home" only the functionless HTC logo. For this reason, the home button has to be equal is threefold: A tip leads to the home screen, a double tap to open the Task Manager, in the next to the current and recent apps and are superimposed displayed and removed by wiping up a long hold open Google Now. HTC has that going for this somewhat overloaded arrangement with the two panels decided is surprising - especially since we now know that the entire strip is technically able to register additional positions of the finger. but you get used to it quickly.

HTC-One Dock

Sense 5 So - quite rightly place at many Android power users in the face of manufacturer UIs hackles high; While Samsung and HTC have, made the two manufacturers with the hitherto most comprehensive software adaptations lately with the TouchWiz Nature UX and Sense 5 much better, yet these user interfaces are available for many users too heavy on the Android OS. And so the UI of the one made so in advance in many areas of concern; especially with the Blink Feed feature called a non-interruptible news and social media feeds in Flipboard-style is an integral part of the home screen on the One. And indeed Sense 5, although significantly more discreet than in the previous versions, but the UI sucks unnecessarily in many places.

HTC-One-Blink Feed

Let's start with the Blink Feed: located on the far left Home screen HTC's new center for (selected) News, Facebook, the Zoe-movies (see section camera) and television information from the TV app (see Section connectivity). All well and good - if you like to use this, looking forward. Who the flashing feed do not like, for example, because he is not a real RSS reader and you can select only certain news sources so because the size and layout of Facebook posts are elected seemingly erratic or because they simply do not want to use such a feature, can not turn it off. Sounds weird, but it's true - the flashing feed is there and there he remains. The maximum of what goes with available materials, ie without the use of an alternative launcher, synchronization to wireless-only shall be submitted to deselect all feed sources, see "topics and services" and define a different home screen as the start screen. This should cause the flashing Feed hardly consumes power and data and you will notice as little of it as a result - as long as you do not accidentally wipes to the left. Why HTC is not equal is the possibility to users, completely disable the feature, instead of letting it just (in the truest sense of the word) are left, remains a mystery to us.

Did you at some point come to terms with the flashing feed, other things on the software of the One begin to annoy: Why is there no shortcuts in the notification bar? This should be standard now but - especially since instead all the time hanging around the non wegwischbare notification to activate the power saving mode there. Why can not I push app links only from the drawer out to the dock, and not on the home screen - because you have only once come to it! And why the App Drawer can only scroll through vertical, I did not ask better. And why Sense jumps too often when you tap the back button directly back to the home screen and not as usual in the previously opened / used app? And why I can not create a folder if the App Drawer is sorted alphabetically or by date of installation?

HTC-One Benachrichtungsleiste

HTC-One app list

Practically though, that a bar with app search, quick access to the Play Store and the various Drawer settings appear in full high-scrolling in App Drawer; but it is further in the grid, so you have to open that either completely hochgescrollt again, or to scroll very slowly so that it is reflected in the lower regions of Drawers - that's a good thought in itself, leads in everyday life but too often to that you inadvertently holds a symbol, thus activating the displacement thereof.

HTC-on app list-Options

Apart from these annoyances can be found in App Drawer next few pleasing bloatware applications (7Digital, HTC Watch, Stocks, Best Deals) quite a few useful apps: The weather app looks good and is informative tips & Help are countless more or less useful information to more complex functions of the One, such as creating and sharing Zoes, but also simple tasks such as sending SMS or adjusting the screen brightness. The office suite Polaris is probably familiar to many users, the Kids mode also allows the smallest HTC One fans a safe and child-friendly use of the device. There is also a note-taking app that allows sound recordings and drawings and can be synchronized with Evernote, and a task manager that connects to the Google Tasks. However, what is missing is a native file manager - here the user must apply one of the alternatives from the Play Store.

HTC-one tasks

HTC-One-clock Notes weather

The Gallery app, called on the One simply "album", annoying: Why be here necessarily the photos of all contacts and pages that I follow on Facebook, appears? Why are there separate folders for "camera shots" and "My Photos"? Why are behind last point again tens of albums, from which, however, the Zoes can only create when I let them sort by "events" ie date? Somehow, the music app of the One, as she was too fanatical to online and social media use designed, while the simple offline use no frills simply forgotten or deliberately ignored. I do not always all the photos from the cloud and, worse, of all Facebook contacts, see but primarily look at my own pictures, edit and possibly share in my gallery at any rate - though that's all natural, but is unnecessarily uncomfortable and partly undecided designed.

HTC-One Album

In Conclusion HTC Sense 5, and what is on the One, which, incidentally, runs on the UI with Android 4.1.2 Software to okay - but still bugged me in little things too often. Although most criticisms with the installation of an alternative launcher and spare apps from the Play Store problems continue, we evaluate as usual, but the actual state of the device; and so there are unfortunately some deductions for the software of the One.

The ultra pixel camera

Much has been written in advance about the ultra pixel camera of the HTC One - instead of (the image quality sometimes detrimental) to go along megapixel mania, HTC increases the pixel sensors themselves and missed the One only 4.1 million of them. However, since these absorb by their larger area more light to be especially when shooting in twilight and at night beneficial.

HTC-One Reverse Camera

In addition, last reports were received by network, after which the one having a bug when manually selecting the ISO sensitivity and the camera numerous review models produce matschigere images than the now appearing Series devices. For ISO-Bug, we can not say more than that the camera of the One does everything just automatically correct our understanding in the auto mode and so far probably will remain in manual ISO setting in Auto mode; this is a bug, yes, but one that plays a minor role in our test scenarios and probably also in the normal application.

HTC-One Camera2

HTC-One Kamera3

is weighty because the very fact that our first test model has produced very slurred, muddy photos when zooming in, while a second test device that was provided to us on short notice and comply with from now going on sale series standard, produces noticeably better photos - in a separate article, we explain the background. We have included below both the images of the newer device with motifs from the Berlin winter spring and, for comparison, a few of the more attractive at least in terms of the motives snapshots from New York.

Test photos (standard model)

IMAG0011 IMAG0012 IMAG0013

IMAG0031 IMAG0014 IMAG0016

IMAG0024 IMAG0029 IMAG0043

IMAG0039 IMAG0041 IMAG0035

Test photos (preproduction)

2013-03-15 11.33.45-12013-03-15 11.48.07-2 2013-03-14 12.52.17-1

2013-03-15 16:36:38 2013-03-16 11:24:182013-03-16 11:24:34

2013-03-16 10:59:53 2013-03-14 12.30.39-3 2013-03-14 15.22.43-4

2013-03-16 11:24:53 2013-03-14 11.50.17-4 2013-03-14 12:36:02

Overall, it can be said of the ultra-pixel camera of the One that she produced at least after our "Device Update" very decent photos. Yes, these are only 4.1 MP in size and in the camera app, there is no option to change the resolution - but honestly, who needs or more resolution in a smartphone? In direct comparison with the excellent images that shoots as a Galaxy S3, however, we must note that the photos taken with the One act, when zooming is not quite as fine pores. The night and dams recordings made in Profit indeed very bright, but really free of noise and overly sharp they are not.

HTC-One front camera

deserves special praise the 88-degree wide-angle front camera of One: Such beautiful self-portraits with enough room for one or the other New York fireman or even the occasional fellow bloggers from an Alpine republic you get with a 2.1 MP front notches in other smartphones well hardly out:

2013-03-15 13:16:37 2013-03-16 10:07:51 2013-03-16 11:25:14

Video recording and HTC Zoe

The 1080p video recordings that shoots the back camera of the One, go perfectly fine and shall provide value to what is obtained currently with good competitive devices - Rolling shutter effect unfortunately included. In addition, the Cam can record slow motion video, which is a nice bonus.

The camera functionality of the HTC One would, however, not fully described when the Zoes would find no mention: With regard to the main use of shot with the smartphone photos, namely their parts in the social networks and the Send to friends, HTC has the One a feature donated that this illustrated Sharen respectively communicating one's own experiences raises to the next level - with the Zoe-function ultra pixel camera takes the One the one hand if necessary short, three-second clips (in fact even before the user on the trigger suppressed). These are stored both in video and in still pictures in the album. What is a bit annoying in turn, because you have so still sort or delete any Zoe about 15 individual photos on the device, but is intended to be able to select the best snapshot of a moving subject like a burst photography. Since it is also possible, however, to tap individual images from the Zoe-video out, filing all the stills seems redundant to us.

- The actual best reason to take the short clips next to the option via the image editor to automatically remove unwanted people and objects from the desire photo, but what happens in the album when it comes to Zoe: The One arranges the photos and clips as mentioned based on the Aufahmezeitpunkte and location data for events - and these can then be transformed by pressing a button in an extremely coherent 30-second video, complete with background music, automatic cuts and image effects.

Here are three different styled Zoes from Manhattan:

So technically simple that may be in itself, as effective and great it is in the results: It just makes animal fun to watch the last day once in a Zoe, choose from the different style sheets most appropriate for the respective images and the finished clip then share on Facebook, YouTube or email to friends and followers. This feature alone makes taking pictures with the HTC One is a unique experience and raises the mobile Fotografiererei to a great new level - and makes the camera (app) of the One even better.

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Memory, connectivity and telephony

As mentioned, the HTC One comes first in Germany with 32GB of internal memory, which are available to the user at least about 26 GB - that's a lot and should be quite sufficient in normal application scenarios. But who of course much snaps, or worse, many full HD video takes, would cause thousands of songs with them, has massive installed games and apps that might even want to have a couple of series and feature films in the pockets, which will sooner or initiate long to memory limitations. And in this case the One unfortunately Micro SD card slot does not provide for the expansion or replacement of the data.

HTC-one microUSB

As a consolation for power users is to announce that USB-to-go but works fine with a standard adapter cable * and you so you can at least temporarily but expand the memory of the One via USB sticks. In addition, HTC and Dropbox users of buy one 25 GB additional cloud storage.

Connect to the Internet takes the One wireless 802.11 protocol to fast n standard on; one of the first smartphones ever the One but also supports 802.11ac and is therefore provided an appropriate wireless network, go to gigabit speeds. Alternatively, the smartphone with LTE, HSPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS radios. In test mode, with a SIM card from Vodafone in LTE mode, however, the device had to manually once be switched from the auto mode to GSM mode before it was displayed in another change in the automatic network selection and LTE as a transmission standard - this as Tip for those who want to switch to 4G in the future or will use such a tariff from the start in One.

The GPS module that also supports GLONASS, finds the position of the device in the open air quickly and easily. In addition, the One NFC, DLNA, MHL and Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX dominated.

HTC-One sensors

In terms of telephony, there is nothing to report, Counterpart always well understood and understand the HTC One users themselves without problems. Thanks to the stereo speakers and handsfree talking with the One makes a lot of fun and sense - at least for the one who uses the HTC device; The respective counterpart has natural course with a little worse sound thanks to the greater distance of the speaker from the micro live.

The HTC One as a remote control

HTC-One IR blaster

A special feature that will but share the one with the Galaxy S4 and the Mark 8.0, the IR Blaster, which is integrated into the power button is. This allows the smartphone, as once Sony [link id = 1416847] Tablet S, be used as a remote control for various home entertainment devices that are controlled precisely via infrared. The program goes beyond this pre-installed app in itself relatively simple by the hand, though sometimes a bit awkward, and especially not in the way one imagines that the first suggestion ideally: So the user has when starting the TV application is dictated firstly his specify location with zip code and its digital cable service provider - even if you do not use such a way to skip this step, there is not (unless you disable the Internet connection).


So if you have chosen the worst case for a provider that has not, following the selection of the available TV channels, On Demand Services and series favorites; also have to agree yet mandatory, should that HTC used the viewing habits of the user collected by the app to "improve the recommendations." Was indeed matter to me, because all my statements had been made up, but who really uses a digital TV service has to live with it, to share this data with the use of the TV app with HTC.

have installed the Taiwanese these queries because they present the user with the result an electronic program guide (EPG) through which the shipments each represented can be then turn right on successful pairing with the TV. I could not try the reasons mentioned, but plead regardless of the effectiveness of this feature strongly suggests that HTC releases the use of the IR interface for remote control of their own HE devices with a future app update for users who simply want their remote control of TV with the smartphone. A corresponding API to control the IR ports for app developers is nevertheless already released.


However, the remote programming also has its drawbacks: First of all, can - after all above steps - only combination packages of TV, cable box and sound system be set up; should read: A TV is always the master device, cable box and sound system will be coupled thereto. Furthermore, the automatic detection for TVs work (did this with a model from Samsung and tried by Toshiba) also absolutely splendid; here must be off and on only individual buttons like the TV in, adjusted by pressing the button on the original remote control in front of the IR blaster of the One. The programming my Logitech Surround system or a media player from Western Digital but already stopped working, even when manually reprogramming the buttons only a few worked in the results a few.


In conclusion the good in itself idea to use the One as a remote control for different consumer electronics fails, at about complicated app that is too focused on EPG and digital television, instead of giving the user the freedom to set their devices freely as needed to - Sony has solved his time better with its tablets. We hope very much that HTC software side nachbessert here quickly and perhaps simply subsequently supply a second application to use the IR blaster. But who really just want to control a TV with the HTC One and not interfere in the history with the digital cable service provider (or such actually uses), which will be satisfied to date.

Sound and Multimedia

BoomSound called HTC somewhat infantile the arrangement with two full stereo speakers on the front of the HTC One along with the sound enhancement technology Beats Audio - so stupid may seem our this name, he meets what does that feature excellent: I am not a smartphone known which - whether just music, videos or games run on it - such a rich, loud, melodious sound common as One. It is regularly amazed with what power it roars in view of the small body of the instrument from the two speakers and how good the stereo effect especially while looking videos and games work. How well the sound itself is amazing from a few meters away - you would not know any better, we could almost suspect that the currently so fashionable mobile boom boxes behind the acoustics. Much good does here actually Beats Audio, which acts as an equalizer; switches to this feature from the fun of the sound suddenly becomes much flatter despite the good speakers.

HTC-one edge

Of course, this good experience of acoustic midst-feeling is largely also due to the fact that so far just did not know such a thing in the mobile space. But that does not detract from the merit of HTC's and these other fat (to remain in the boom times sound ductal) plus, with the one from the competition takes off. If you like to listen to loud music and mobile wants to consume one or another video without headphones in bed or in the evening on the go will love the One for its acoustics - and currently find nothing comparable on the market. No, not at the company with the apple.

HTC-One-beat audio

The dual diaphragm micro of the one that guarantees extremely clear sound recording, does not meanwhile so drastically noticeable - voice memos or music recordings have a good but not impressive sound quality.

Battery life

Biggest sticking point current high end smartphones are at the moment the batteries: Although the chipsets are becoming more energy efficient, but the huge screens with full HD resolution calling for harsh toll - as many devices points at times though with relatively long standby times, the smart phone but often used, meaning the display is activated, the battery level drops rapidly.

Unfortunately, this also happens when HTC One with its 2300 mAh battery: On days when I have largely supported the device in the trouser or jacket pocket around, I saw the evening partially about a third residual current capacity; in other battery gave up after 11 to 12 hours and the unit turned itself off on the way home in the train. More concretely: During a day that was filled with writing this test report before the home PC, so when I looked at the device off and on, trying out something for it but not gambled excessively or videos have looked and the one most time was staying in the WLAN was after unplugging from the mains at 8:00 am to 22:00 on the evening already scythe.

HTC-One Battery

The overview of battery usage in the settings of the HTC One that does not display unfortunately (or for good reason) the power consumption of the display confirms this impression: On average, the 4.7 inch model approved in our test period whopping 10 percent battery capacity per hour! Possible that HTC is on the software side to refit here, they should consider it in any case, official statements do not exist to the effect of the Taiwanese people so far however. For completeness, and rightfully should be noted that we did not have the two power-saving measures activated - because even when one, like with the Xperia Z our true opinion, that switching off the data connection in standby mode for a high-end device with the target group Power users can not be an acceptable way to battery-economy. And since the battery of the One can not be replaced, this can not simply be solved by buying a larger power plant the problem for just such users.

This means: Who uses his smartphone much, will have problems from time to time to come up with its HTC One through a busy day. And to the power cable of 4.7 Zoller has virtually every night; But for safety's sake you should look around in the evenings after a loading facility already.

This deficit, however, has in common with the Xperia Z and how, recent tests guess, even with the Galaxy S4, the One. Who attaches importance necessary to continue to be able to bridge even a half day or more intensive use on a single charge, which should make a detour around the current 2013er Full HD Armada and reflect on some of the 720p devices last year.

HTC One: The verdict

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Three devices were the beginning of 2013 on our competitors list for the title of best smartphone of the year. After our detailed review of the Sony Xperia Z the Snapdragon S4 Pro seems bolide from Japan out of the race, it will remain the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. we could see the Samsung post not test extensively, I could feel extensively in the launch in New York but travels and try out - this is not enough to allow me to make an informed judgment, but enough to have a gut feeling: The HTC One could actually be on the current state in 2013 the best smartphone - at least for all users who place more emphasis on design, workmanship and materials, because on exuberant software functions value.

The One makes so much so impressively true that you actually runs the risk on one or the other weakness seen across - as they are but still: Despite 32GB of internal memory (if the 64 GB version comes to Germany and what they then will cost remains to be seen) I lack the ability to quickly nachzulegen a few GB via micro SD card or to shovel this way data from and to the device; the Sense 5 UI and pieces of software that are located on the One, nerves sometimes violently - although predominate the annoyances only subjectively so hard; because these defects are in such stark contrast to the near perfect hardware of the device.

Gravierendstes, though, given the comparable competition but a system-immanent problem of 1080p devices is the battery life: I as a power user can easily with a device that do not really live in the ideal case with sorrow and distress brings about the day - as it can be beautiful be as it wants because it can shine with Zoe and boom sound, as it can only bursting with hardware power that way.

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And now comes the story twist: I had initially the test even postulated from real conviction to leave my S3 for the One, so I had to cancel literally this project in the course of writing of this review - reason is the battery life and software; both makes my veteran S3 better, both are too important to me to give it up for the glamor and Gloria, who sprayed the One, or the grandiose boom sound and fine Zoe function. And indeed, it drives me almost to tears that my great love for the One, the passion and all the dreams have to fail because of the harsh, profane reality of my everyday needs. The One has enchanted me, but it can not make me happy in the long run &# 8230;

To that extent is a results of the test, at least in terms of battery life the best smartphone in the world, neither the HTC One, nor the Sony Xperia Z and most likely the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not, but even more the 720p devices from the previous year, hold out longer simply - or future smartphones that address the battery problem effectively.

addendum: Meanwhile, the competition's flagship has been released by Samsung. As the strikes against the HTC One, we learn in our detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Whether the HTC One the best device can be at least 2013 remains to be seen until the S4 has completed our course - currently it is in points and in terms of performance, multimedia, camera features, design and display in any case, taken together the best and especially fairest that we have ever had the test. And for this experience we thank you sincerely and tightening of the throat in awe at HTC.

HTC One: The rating

  • display: 5.5
  • Processing, feel and design: 5.5
  • Software: 4.5
  • Performance: 5.5
  • Telephony and Audio: 5.5
  • Camera: 4.5
  • Connectivity and storage: 4.5
  • Battery and practicality: 4.5

Total: 4.5 / 5

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  • The best smartphone ever
  • Stunning sound
  • Fantastic 1080p screen


  • Below-average battery life
  • Sometimes annoying software (Sense 5, Blink Feed)
  • No MicroSD card slot

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